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e-Portfolio & Tutorials

Conjuguemos (Library): https://conjuguemos.com/

Conjuguemos makes learning verb conjugations and vocabulary in Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Korean, and Latin easy with drill practices and fun multi-player games.

DLIFLC is a multi-service school for active and reserve components, foreign military students, and civilian personnel working in the federal government and various law enforcement agencies. DLIFLC students are taught by approximately 1,800 highly educated instructors, 98 percent of whom are native speakers of the languages they teach.

The Language Learning Center has an extensive collection of feature films and educational films for faculty and students to use in the Center. Additionally, we provide a multi-region/multi-standard DVD player for screening.

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G.L.O.S.S. online language lessons are developed for independent learners to provide them with the learning/teaching tools for improving their foreign language skills. GLOSS currently offers 2850 reading (RC) and listening (LC) lessons in 24 languages!

HiNative- HiNative is a global Q&A platform where you can ask people from all over the world questions about language and culture. They support over 110 languages.

LangMedia Collection - Language by Country videos focus on practical aspects of everyday life. They were filmed by Five College international students between 1999 and 2002. Some cultural information is out-of-date, but many of the videos remain linguistically useful. Transcripts and translations are provided.

MERLOT welcomes all language educators and students of World Languages to access the many OER available in the ever-expanding World Languages Collection. This pioneer community contains thousands of OER, many of them peer-reviewed by distinguished scholars in the field. Please peruse our collection and correspond with us if you are interested in knowing more about the World Languages community peer review process.

Language Resource Centers

Title VI Language Resource Centers (LRCs) support the nation's capacity for language teaching and learning. LRCs offer free or low-cost teaching materials, professional development opportunities, assessment and evaluation services, and more.

The Center for High Impact Practices (CHIP) supports academic success in the classroom and beyond through student-centered programs, resources, and high-impact educational activities.

Participating faculty members in German, French and Japanese record entire course content (audio, video, textbook, whiteboard, internet sites, etc.) with the help of ODU's Office of Distance Learning. The recorded course content (RCC) is made available to students on the ODUOnline Web Conference Class Launch page at: https://online.odu.edu/video/online-class

Radio Garden - Explore live radio by rotating the globe.

SCOLA (http://www.scola.org/) is a non-profit educational organization that provides authentic foreign language resources in more than 200 native languages. SCOLA receives and re-transmits foreign TV programming from around the world and provides other foreign language resources, language lessons, and learning material on the website. Old Dominion University students and faculty have free access to SCOLA content, including the following services:

Foreign Texts - A global newsstand of newspapers, magazines and books

Insta-Class - Ready-to-use "instant" multi-media language lessons produced by SCOLA language experts from around the world

On the Street Video - Compelling videos from around the world produced exclusively for SCOLA

People and Places - An original snapshot gallery of SCOLA friends from around the world and the places they live

World TV Online - International television featuring eight genre-designated channels accessible 24/365

Channel One - News

Channel Two - En la Mira - Mexico, Spanish-Americas

Channel Three - 孔子学院 - China, Confucius Institute Mandarin

Channel Four - Femei de 10, bărbaţi de 10 - Romania, Romanian

Channel Five - 新唐风 - China, Confucius Institute Mandarin

Channel Six - 新唐风 - China, Confucius Institute Mandarin

Channel Seven - Catwalk - Lebanon, Arabic-Levantine

Channel Eight - Lola - Mexico, Spanish-Americas


Language Specific

  • TELL ME MORE (German / French / Italian / Spanish) delivers an engaging learning experience that combines the most innovative content with the latest in learning theory and pedagogy while leveraging state of the art technology. The TELL ME MORE solution represents over twenty years of research and development investments and is a breakthrough language learning program covering initial language acquisition through mastery.

  • Rosetta Stone Software: Arabic / Chinese / Japanese. With Rosetta Stone solutions, students are surrounded by language from the very beginning. Our proprietary methodology uses interactive technology to create an immersion environment which activates learners' natural language-learning ability.

Recording Solutions


  • Talk Abroad (Conversation practice with native speakers)- TalkAbroad is a platform that provides students an immersive experience with native speakers from around the world. All conversations remain in the target language.

Language Exchanges

HelloTalk- Learn a language by chatting with native speakers around the world. For free! HelloTalk is an international team based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. Their mission is to utilize technology to connect the world through language and culture. ​

italki- italki is an online language learning website which connects language learners and teachers through video chat. The site allows students to find online teachers for 1-on-1 tutoring, and teachers to earn money as freelance tutors.

The Mixxer/Language Exchange- The Mixxer is a free virtual language exchange site using Skype by Dickinson College. The Mixxer is designed to connect learners around the world so that everyone is both student and teacher. Signup for free to find a language partner. Help them practice your native language while they help you practice theirs

NaTakallam - Learn a language, change a life. NaTakallam pairs displaced people with learners worldwide for online learning and cultural exchange.

Share Ami - Share Ami creates intergenerational links by connecting students learning French and elderly people living in France over video chat.

Speaky Language Exchange Community- Find and meet native speakers from all around the world. Browse their community to find your ideal language partner and improve your language skills.

Tadem Language Exchange- Find a language exchange partner online! Connect with other language learners. Learn from native speakers for free.

ODU-ELC Conversation Partner Program

The ELC matches international students and Americans so they can practice each other's native language or learn about each other's culture in informal settings. Participants in the ODU-ELC Conversation Partner Program meet with their Conversation Partner for at least thirty minutes each week at a time and place that is convenient to both students.


A VR tool that teaches different languages with 360° scenarios created in the target language country and characterized by native people. ImmerseMe is the ultimate language learning tool for students, holiday and business travellers. ImmerseMe uses virtual reality (VR) to simulate everyday conversations in foreign languages.


Developed by language experts at the National Foreign Language Center of the University of Maryland, Lectica features language learning activities to build comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar that increase in difficulty as you progress, highlighted text-tracking to help you follow along, cultural, historical, and vocabulary notes, transcript and translation, and an extensive glossary.

Zero to Hero - This fully open-source website is heaven for language lovers. You can find dictionary tools, tens of thousands of videos with subtitles and other resources across hundreds of languages!


Conte-moi la francophonie
Conte-moi la francophonie
Carnet de Contes - Atelier de Lecture de Contes
Carnet de Contes - Atelier de Lecture de Contes
The Fable Cottage
The Fable Cottage
Story Books Canada
Story Books Canada


LLC Equipment



13 - Dell Optiplex 390 Computers with Sanako

Tandberg Educational headsets and microphones, and Logitech webcams

15 - Dell Optiplex 390 Computers with Sanako Tandberg Educational headsets and microphones, and Logitech webcams

1 - Student work station with Dell Optiplex 390 Computer with Sanako Tandberg Educational headset and microphone, and Logitech webcam

Sharp 80" LED display screen

1 - Instructor work station with Dell Opitplex 390 Computer with Sanako Tandberg Educational headset and microphone, and Logitech webcam

Crestron touch panel user interface with Professional Media System DMPS3-200-C

Apple TV for streaming

KSI Ceiling tile speakers

Power Center

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