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Taylor Hall - Morgan's Specialty Snacks

Something new, something different and something healthier for you

Taylor Hall, client of ODU Center for Enterprise Innovation Women's Business Center, is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Morgan's Specialty Snacks (MSS). Morgan's Specialty Snacks is the distributor and vending operator of organic, kosher, gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan foods and beverages.

How ODU Women's Business Center helped Taylor with her business: "The Women's Business Center at Old Dominion University is a goldmine. Never could I have imagined having access to the multitude of services that augment each level of my business. I have been introduced to organizations offering financial assistance to startups and business related classes and seminars marrying the depths of Social Media to business growth and development. And The Center, in conjunction with the State, provides training classes in how to best do business with The Commonwealth and Federal government. Their list of services is broad and continuous. The Center is prepared to meet you where you are within your entrepreneurial quest.

Many people you meet will extend a helping hand but few hang with you as you maneuver the challenges and rewards of small business ownership. The women behind the Center, their faces not necessarily known to the public, are an amazing group of professionals. They are phenomenal, dedicated and can educate you to bring your entrepreneurial dreams to reality. These ladies are an email, a telephone call away and still meet with me face to face. They have delivered. I am honored to be on the receiving end to the numerous benefits offered through the Women's Business Center."

What has been the toughest obstacle in starting her business: "As with most startups, securing capital needed to get off the ground and foster continued growth is the greatest obstacle."

Taylor's advice for someone starting a business:

  • To foster the initial stages of your business you need skin in the game, a partner smarter than you and team members with talents unlike yours ready and all must be willing to help implement sustainable growth. Be an agent of change.
  • To find a local non-profit with a mission/vision similar to that of your business and support it, i.e., give back.
  • To know your competition, your industry and those variables that drive change. Be flexible and prepared to adjust for sustainable, growth, prosperity and longevity.
  • To have a succession plan knowing how you will exit or when you will sell your business.
  • Find a mentor who either works within your industry or has past experience within your industry. Hire the most reliable Legal Counsel and Certified Public Accountant with expertise that suits who you are and what's needed for your business.

InnovateHER 2015
In November of 2015, Taylor Hall entered into a competition hosted by ODU Center for Enterprise Innovation Women's Business Center (WBC) to 'pitch' the placement of healthy vending. Taylor Hall shared, before a panel of judges her desire to develop and grow the company creating local jobs and providing specialty 'On the Go' snack options for those who need them. She secured first place in the local WBC 2015 Small Business Administration InnovateHER Competition.

Praise for WBC

"The Women's Business Center at Old Dominion University is a goldmine. Never could I have imagined having access to the multitude of services that augment each level of my business."

- Taylor Hall, Owner

Business Quick Facts

Morgan's Specialty Snacks - Woman Owned Business
Phone: 757-828-7249
Facebook: facebook.com/morgansspecialtysnacks
Twitter: @hellomssnacks

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