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Boosting Women to Success

The Women's Business Center (WBC) helps elevate women to business success through education, counseling and entrepreneurial training.

Serving women across Hampton Roads, we provide seminars and individual consulting sessions for your business at all stages.

To build a fruitful business, you need more than clients. You need a network of experienced professionals who believe in you-- and your vision.

That's the strength, beauty and purpose of the WBC. We are an advocate for women entrepreneurship.

WBC is your partner: positioning you for business success through education, counseling, networking resources and entrepreneurial training.


The services we provide stimulate business creation, innovation, and diversification.

  • Training, counseling, and networking events tailored to meet the unique needs of women
  • Business Research for Success -- Uncovering the secrets to exploring Industry, Market, Competition and Financial Benchmarking
  • Dream Builder© Entrepreneurship Training Program
  • WBC Member Orientation and Website Training -- an exploration of the vital resources for the women's entrepreneurial journey in Hampton Roads and beyond

Create a Member Profile to Get Started

Creating a Member Profile gives you to access all the services and resources WBC can provide. Registration is fast, easy, and free. The benefits of membership include:

  • Quick and easy event registration
  • Safe & secure auto-completion of government forms for your business
  • Confidential business advice at no charge
  • Unlimited access to our paid database of business and marketing materials
  • Connection to a growing local network of successful entrepreneurs

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