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Interdisciplinary StudiesPrograms

Cybercrime (Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S.)

The cybercrime major prepares students for occupations in law enforcement and information technology. Students in the cybercrime program will be required to developed strong written and verbal communication skills, as well as skills in mathematics and logic. Students will take courses in criminology, cybersecurity, and information technology. Through these courses they will learn about technology-related criminal justice issues, including cyberlaws and computer crime investigations. They will also acquire the technical skills that employers ask for, including knowledge of cybersecurity, digital forensics, computer networking, and common programming languages like Java and C+.

Cybersecurity (B.S.)

This program prepares graduates with the skills necessary to protect computer systems, networks, and online data from attack and compromise. Throughout the program, students will learn to troubleshoot and to identify potential security lapses through classroom instruction, hands-on computer lab sessions and opportunities to participate in research projects. Courses focus primarily on computer science, computer engineering and engineering management, information technology and decision science, information assurance, wireless networking, criminal justice, philosophy and psychology. Students will learn how to collect forensic evidence in prosecution of cybercrime or maintenance of network security.

Cybersecurity (Minor)

The interdisciplinary minor in cybersecurity is focused on the technological, structural, social, and legal frameworks used to secure computer networks and software. The study of cybersecurity combines multiple fields including computer science, engineering, information technology, criminal justice, and philosophy, to name a few. In an effort to promote the security of computer networks, software, and cyber information, an interdisciplinary understanding about technological, legal, philosophical, and structural aspects of cybersecurity is needed. This minor will provide students from different majors the knowledge they need to understand, manage, prevent or respond to cyber incidents they are likely to encounter in their careers.

Game Studies & Design (B.S.)

ODU’s Game Design, Development, and Criticism degree is an interdisciplinary major that allows students to specialize in game programming or game design while also learning game scholarship. Our program features a fundamentally entrepreneurial and multiperspectival approach to game studies and gaming, one that is designed to not only teach students the core principles of game development, design, and scholarship, but also to help them understand how to adapt these principles in response to changes in technology, the market, or culture. In doing so, this degree aims to prepare students for careers in both the mainstream and independent gaming industry, in the growing academic field of game studies, or in any number of other related fields.

Individualized Integrative Studies (Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A./B.S.)

IDS Individualized Studies Program majors design their own degrees based on majors that are offered at other universities, career research, and consultation with academic experts. It is an alternative for students who may be interested in emerging fields of study, or whose interests do not fit neatly within the requirements of a traditional department.

Leadership (Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S.)

The Leadership major is a flexible academic degree that focuses on characteristics and skills necessary to lead in organizational and social contexts, and emphasizes ethical leadership, legal issues, written and oral communication skills. A goal of this program is to facilitate adult students to complete their degree and as such, there is inherent flexibility in transferring existing credit. A second goal is to provide a valuable program for traditional students who plan to hold leadership positions in a variety of fields.

Professional Writing (Interdisciplinary Studies, B.S.)

Management professionals throughout the country state that the number one need for organizations in the twenty-first century will be professionals with communication skills. Organizations ranging from engineering and technical operations, to human services are looking for people who can communicate effectively. Old Dominion University designed its Bachelor of Science in Professional Writing to meet this need by preparing individuals to excel in any professional business environment.

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