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School of Public Health Initiative Research Project Awardees

by Eric Howell

In February, public presentations were given by the 2021-2022 School of Public Health Initiative research project awardees. This mechanism was created to develop and support collaborative public health research within and outside ODU. Each PI awardee is an ODU faculty member in the School of Community and Environmental Health, with at least one colleague on their research team outside of ODU.

Pictured left to right, PI and project title:

  • Mariana Szklo-Coxe, "Refining and Piloting a Sleep Health Promotion Intervention for College Students"
  • Michele Kekeh, "Assessing the Experiences and Perceptions of the Impact of COVID-19 on Grandparent Caregivers, Resources, and Family Dynamics: A Qualitative Study"
  • Jim Blando, "Identification of Cancer Biomarkers in the Urine of Firefighters exposed to toxic combustion by-products and their Correlation with Chemical Markers of Exposure"
  • Hadiza Galadima, "Examining the Role of Neighborhood Characteristics on Geographic Variation in Colorectal Cancer: A Combination of Spatial Analysis, Hierarchical Modeling, and Machine Learning Approaches"
  • Craig Becker, PhD, CWP, East Carolina University (presented with Leslie Hoglund)
  • Harry Zhang, "Developing a Theoretical Framework to Understand the Perception of WIC Breastfeeding Recommendations"
  • Leslie Hoglund, "BeWell'r: Perceived Health Interests of College Students" (presented with Craig Becker, PhD, CWP)

Not pictured:

  • Anna Jeng, "Assessment of Oxidative Adducts in Sperm Telomeres Induced by Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons"
  • Abdullah AI-Taiar, "Women's Experience and Perceptions of Virtual Home Visits during COVID-19 Pandemic in BabyCare Program in Chesapeake District"

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