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Participants gather for a group photo at the ODU Graduate Program in International Studies’ Annual Graduate Research Conference. College of Arts and Letters

Graduate Program in International Studies:Course Schedule

Spring 2024 Schedule

Updated October 23, 2023 | Subject to Change






4:30 - 7:10 p.m.
  • IS 702/802
    CRN 26600/26601
    Collective Security
    Dr. Regina Karp
    BAL 2056
  • IS 760/860
    CRN 22130/22133
    International Cultural Studies History, Theory and Application
    Dr. Angelica Huizar
    BAL 3056

  • IS 714/814
    CRN 29344/29345
    International Law
    Dr. Richard Maass
    BAL 3070
  • IS 720/820
    CRN 33302/33303
    Global Security
    Dr. Regina Karp B
    AL 7009

  • IS 723/823
    CRN 32750/30672
    Advanced Statistical Techniques in International Studies
    Dr. Jesse Richman B
    AL 2064
  • IS 724/824
    CRN 32954/32955
    International and Comparative Political Economy
    Dr. Georg Menz
    ED 1103
  • IS 740/840
    CRN 29346/29347
    Political Economy of Development
    Dr. Matthew DiLorenzo
    BAL 2056

7:25 - 10:05 p.m.

  • IS 708/808
    CRN 31091/31092
    Asian Politics
    Dr. Cathy Wu
    BAL 7009

IS 716/816
CRN 32952/32953
Theories of Comparative Sociopolitical Studies
Dr. Georg Menz
BAL 2057

  • ECON 650
    CRN 30493
    International Economics
    Professor Haiwen Zhou

  • IS 606
    CRN 22129
    American Foreign Policy & World Order
    Dr. Richard Maass
    BAL 2070

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