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Office of FinanceFinance Training

The Office of Finance has a vast, easily-accessible training program that includes information relating to Commonwealth and University policies and procedures relevant to each of our business partners across campus as they oversee departmental budgets and complete daily financial requirements. The multi-faceted training program includes a virtual Certificate in University Financial Management continuing education program, hands-on Banner system video training courses, additional online video training resources, and other various training guides for both required and optional trainings offered by the Office of Finance.

NEW! We have created a Microsoft Teams account available to anyone interested! If you have questions about the Financial Services Division, comprised of the Office of Finance, Office of Budget & Financial Planning, or Procurement Services representatives and want real-time responses, please join our Financial Integrity Group.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to Amanda Dunlap, ODU Office of Finance Communications & Training, with any training questions or concerns.

Training Program Overview

Where to Begin?!

Our goal is to offer and empower our employees with the knowledge and skills they need to be good stewards of university funds. Our training programs are available both virtually and electronically, and one-on-one sessions may be offered as requested. We hope these resources will help guide you and answer questions you may have about various financial processes and procedures across ODU. We encourage employees to always reach out to us with questions and to collaborate with peers across campus.

We have created a New Employee Fiscal Training Manual. This manual provides a basic overview of Finance and Financial Services at ODU including common terms, forms, and resources, as well as recommended training for new fiscal staff based on financial responsibilities within each business service. Contact Amanda Dunlap with any questions.

We encourage your feedback! Please use this form to offer anonymous feedback on our training program.

NEW! We have created a Microsoft Teams account available to anyone interested! If you have questions about the Financial Services Division, comprised of the Office of Finance, Office of Budget & Financial Planning, or Procurement Services representatives and want real-time responses, please join our Financial Integrity Group.

Video & Virtual Training Resources

  • Banner System Trainings are available for those overseeing their budget and resources or student records review within their department. These trainings may be accessed anytime online and are available in video format. But what about logging into the system and maneuvering around?! There is also a Banner Basic navigation review video available for those unfamiliar with the Banner system. View here.
  • Banner ePrint Training is available for individuals overseeing budget and resources within their department. These video resources offer insight into this system used to disburse monthly verified budget and Payroll reports. View here.
  • The BUD Crash Course Video Training Series is a how-to starter guide for our Budget Unit Directors across campus. BUDs and BUD Delegates make for the perfect audience for this 4-part, self-paced video series. View here.
  • The Certificate in University Financial Management (CUFM) Program ensures employees have as much understanding of our complex system. This program is offered virtually "live" once a semester and reviews important topics including Budget Process & Management, Cashiering, Procurement-to-Payment Processes, Travel Regulations, Employing Students & Payroll. Register here.
  • Cashiering Training is required once every two years for anyone across campus who collects money/payments on behalf of ODU. This video training should be reviewed once every two years and Amanda Dunlap should be notified upon completion. View here.
  • PCI Training reviews best practices and requirements set forth by major credit card companies in order to continue to accept credit card payments across campus, whether in person or online. Anyone across campus who accepts these types of payments must complete this training, offered via CampusGuard, once annually. Questions should be directed to pci@odu.edu. View here.
  • Need help acquring access to the Banner System? Watch how HERE! Also use the Midas Account Request Guide, and review Finance Access Classes available for request here.

Online Resource Pages

Quick Reference Guides

Banner Training Videos

Need to learn about the Banner administrative system? We offer Banner Training videos, accessible anytime, and covering the two predominate modules used by most campus users within the Banner System: Banner Finance & Budget & Banner General Student.

NEED GENERAL NAVIGATION INFORMATION? To review basic navigational skills and to better understand the Banner system including how to login and Banner organization/structure, please reivew our Banner Basics Video & Webpage.

  • Banner Training is NOT required before obtaining a Banner Account, and video review does NOT grant automatic Banner Access! To obtain Banner Access, follow the online MIDAS Account Request process found on the ITS Banner Access page. You may also watch our How to Request Access Video HERE!
  • You do not need to have a Banner account before revieweing the training, though it is highly recommended that you do so you may follow along with the training videos.

Amanda Dunlap, Office of Finance Communications & Training, acts the facilitator and your point of contact for all courses and materials. Please do not hesitate to reach out with her about training questions.

All Banner-related questions should be sent to the Banner Hotline.

NEW! BUD Crash Course Series

The ODU Office of Finance has created a 4-part video series for Budget Unit Directors (BUDS) and BUD Delegates across campus. The purpose of these videos is to familiarize new and existing Department BUDS with their roles, responsiblities, and provide an easily-accessible resource guide for managing departmental budgets throughout each fiscal year.

PROGRAM DETAILS - There are four (4) videos available (What is a BUD?; Budget Process Overview; Budget Utilization, Management, & Basics; and Final Wrap-Up). Each video is available anytime online, and a list of resources referenced throughout each video is also available on our BUD Crash Course webpage.

  • QUESTIONS - Please contact Amanda Dunlap, Communications and Training in the Office of Finance at 757-683-4462 or at adunlap@odu.edu for more information.

CUFM: Certificate in University Financial Management

The Certificate of University Financial Management Program (CUFM) is a virtula multi-section training certificate program which focuses on the business practices needed by ODU budget units. It is a series of classes designed to familiarize the campus community with the different aspects of Financial Services, as well as both Commonwealth and University policy. Participants who complete all required courses and pass the exam are awarded a Certificate in University Financial Management (CUFM). The intent of these classes is to ensure that employees have as much understanding of our complex system as possible, and employees may begin participating in the program any time during the year.

PROGRAM DETAILS - There are four (4) required sessions comprising details from seven (7) departments (Budget, Cashiering, Procurement, Accounts Payable: Travel, and Student Employment, and Payroll), with a review session offered each semester to help employees prepare for the exam. Please note that you must attend all sessions before you may take the Capstone review and sit for the exam. Classes taken more than two years before the exam date must be retaken.

  • QUESTIONS - Please contact Amanda Dunlap, Communications and Training Coordinator in the Office of Finance at 757-683-4462 or via email at adunlap@odu.edu for more information.

TRAINING SCHEDULE - The CUFM Training Schedule is posted twice each year (January-June & July-December). Classes do not need to be taken in any particular order.

REGISTRATION - Registration is completed via the online registration form.

ePrint Training Resources

The Office of Finance provides monthly electronic budget reports through the Banner ePrint software. ePrint allows users to print monthly financial reports as soon as they are available. All employees who monitor and report on budget information are granted automatic access to Banner ePrint.

Our ePrint Training Page contains the ePrint Training Manual, video resources relating to Introduction & Navigation, Report Options, Pick Pages, and Customization within the ePrint software.

All other questions regarding details of these reports or navigation information should be directed to the Office of Finance Data Control team at 757.683.3257 or the Banner Hotline at BannerHotline@odu.edu.

Need Payroll Report Access? For those users who need to view monthly payroll activity, you must request ePrint Payroll Report Access by completing the ePrint Payroll Report Request Form.

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