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Direct Deposit of Pay

Direct deposit is the primary method of paying Commonwealth employees. Direct deposit is considered a condition of employment. The Direct Deposit process must be completed electronically via Banner Self-Service for initial appointment (all new hires and rehires) and when there are changes in banking information (bank, routing number, account number). Old Dominion University offers all University employees (including student and hourly employees) the opportunity to enroll in Direct Deposit of Pay.

Please note - the electronic Direct Deposit Process allows users to update their payroll and accounts payable direct deposit information in realtime. Instructions on the process may be found here.

Exceptions may be allowed under certain "extraordinary" circumstances. However, to obtain an exception, you must write a letter explaining in detail why you cannot participate in direct deposit. This letter must be forwarded to the Payroll Manager for review. The letter is then forwarded to the State Director of Payroll at the Department of Accounts for their approval. If the exception is not approved by the Department of Accounts, you must participate in direct deposit.

Global Exceptions to Direct Deposit Policy

  • Employees under the age of 18.
  • Employees without a Social Security Number
  • Federal Work Study employees
  • Employees changing financial institutions
  • Employees changing financial institutions may receive a pay check for two pay periods while establishing a new bank account.

International ACH Transactions

If you receive your pay via direct deposit at a U.S. bank and then have the entire pay amount forwarded by "standing order" to a bank in another country, you must inform the Payroll Office immediately by emailing or calling your Payroll Processor. This is required by the Federal Office of Foreign Asset Control in support of U. S. C. Title 50, War and National Defense. NOTE: A dishonest or misleading response to this requirement may be considered falsification of records under the University's Standards of Conduct.

How to Enroll in Direct Deposit

An employee must complete the Direct Deposit update process via Banner Self-Service. Instructions on doing so may be found in the Direct Deposit Quick Reference Guide.

Once the direct deposit information is updated, your account information is updated in real time and the next paycheck will be electronically deposit to the bank and bank account number specified in the Direct Deposit areas within Banner Self-Service.

Reviewing Pay Information

Once the direct deposit transactions are active, employees can access payroll information approximately two days prior to payday through the Employee link in LeoOnline (MIDAS ID/Password required). Direct Deposit stubs are not printed.

Changes to Direct Deposit

To change banking information or make other direct deposit changes, simply log into Banner Self-Service and make any necessary changes to your direct deposit information. After you save your changes, the direct deposit information is updated in real time in the system, and the next paycheck will be electronically deposited into the bank and bank account number specified.

Will Direct Deposit of Pay ever be stopped?

If a direct deposit is stopped for any reason, the payroll processor will contact the employee in writing and a manual paycheck may be prepared for the actual amount due. If no payment is due to the employee, no paycheck will be processed.

Break in service (student employees only)

When a student employee has a break in service, the direct deposit remains active. When the student employee returns to work, paychecks will automatically be processed through direct deposit to the bank and bank account of record. Any time there is a break in service, a student employee should be reminded upon return to work to contact the Payroll Office to ensure that the bank account and bank routing information is still current. Upon return from the break in service and when pay recommences, direct deposit will also start again using the bank routing and bank account information previously authorized. Based on this previous authorization, funds will be transmitted to the bank and bank account of record in the payroll system. If this information has changed during the student employee's break in service, pay may be transmitted to an incorrect bank or bank account and may delay pay.

Termination of Direct Deposit - Full-Time and Hourly Wage Employees

When a full-time or hourly wage employee terminates employment with the University, Direct Deposit of Pay is terminated after the last regular paycheck or leave payout is processed.

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