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Student Rebates


Spring 2020 Rebates

Old Dominion University will be providing rebates to all students with a university housing Spring 2020 contract, meal plan, and/or parking pass. We have prepared this site to help students understand how the rebate programs work.

The following FAQs are provided to assist you in understanding the rebate process. If you have additional questions after reviewing the information below, please contact the ODU Student Accounts Office at tuition@odu.edu or (757) 683-3030.

Rebate FAQ's

What is the Housing Rebate?

Students will receive a rebate based on their housing contract dates. Housing Rebates were determined by your housing contract end date. If your housing contract ends on May 9, 2020, then your rebate is $1000. If your housing contract ends on July 31, 2020, then your rebate is $1500.

Contract date ends on May 9, 2020 for the following communities:

  • Dominion House
  • England House
  • France House
  • Gresham Hall
  • Ireland House
  • Nusbaum Apartments
  • Powhatan
  • Rogers Hall
  • Scotland House
  • The Inn
  • Virginia House
  • Whitehurst

Contract date ends on July 31, 2020 for the following community:

  • University Village

Residents had to move their belongings out of their room and check out of the Housing portal by April 1, 2020 to be eligible for the rebate. University Village residents that moved out by April 1, 2020 will not be responsible for summer housing fees. Resident Assistants are not eligible for the Housing Rebate due to their Housing employment contract terms. Rebate amounts were adjusted for fixed and direct costs associated with managing the university housing program. Those costs include principal and interest payments due on outstanding bond obligations for residential construction and renovation, rent payments for leased property, and costs for key personnel.

Will I get a rebate if I lived at The NEXT at ODU?

The NEXT is a privately owned apartment community, not an ODU property. Students residing at The NEXT are not eligible for the ODU rebate.

*Questions regarding the NEXT should be directed to the NEXT leasing office at (757) 394-3864.

What is the Meal Plan Rebate?

Eligible students will receive rebates based on their spring semester meal plan as follows:

Meal Plan Description Student Rebate Meal Plan Only

All Access


Block 160


Block 80


Block 50


Commuter 10


* In addition to the meal plan rebate, any remaining balance on Flex Point accounts as of March 23, 2020 will be rebated as well. Rebate amounts for meal plans reflect adjustments for university cost incurred.

What is the Parking Fee Rebate?

Students with an active parking permit for Spring 2020 semester will receive the following rebate amounts, depending on the permit type purchased. Rebates are adjusted to cover fixed costs associated with providing parking services.

Village, Quad, and Resident parking permits (exp. 5/31/2020) $25
Annual Village Resident permits (exp. 8/31/2020) $45
Commuter Student permits (exp. 5/15/2020) $20
Perimeter Student permits (exp. 5/15/2020) $15
Evening Student permits (exp. 5/15/2020) $10
Virginia Beach Commuter Student permits (exp. 5/15/2020) $10

When will my rebate be refunded?

Rebates will be applied to your student account on or before Friday, April 10, 2020. If you have a balance due to the university, the rebate will be used toward paying that balance, with any remaining funds issued to you through direct deposit or via check if you are not currently enrolled in direct deposit. To ensure a fast and secure refund, please sign up for direct deposit before April 8, 2020. You will find instructions on how to sign up at Student eRefunds.

Can my rebate be refunded to me by direct deposit?

Yes, you can receive your rebate via direct deposit if you sign up by Wednesday, April 8, 2020. Visit Student eRefunds or follow these instructions. You will need your bank routing number and account number. You can find this information on the bottom of your check or by contacting your banking institution. Your bank number is not the same as the numbers on your bank debit card. Follow these easy steps to set up your electronic refund account.


  1. Click here or go to leoonline.odu.edu
  2. Click on "Enter LeoOnline News and Secure Area."
    Scroll down and click on "Enter Secure Area."
    Login using your MIDAS ID and password.
  3. Click on "Make Online Payments OR Sign Up for eRefunds Here." You will be redirected to a secure website.
  4. This will take you to TouchNet. You can setup an eRefund profile, make payments, or review your payment history.
  5. Under My Profile Setup, click on "Electronic Refunds."
  6. Click on "Setup Account."
  7. Key in all required information (checking account routing number, checking account number, billing information).
  8. Scroll down and under Save Payment Method As enter CHECKING ACCOUNT.
  9. Once all information is entered, click "Continue" - you may need to scroll to see this choice.
    Do NOT use your ATM, Debit, or Check Card account number - be sure to use your bank checking account number. You may need to review your bank account statement or contact your bank to obtain this information.
  10. You will see the authorization page - review the information to ensure accuracy.
  11. Select "I agree" and click "Continue."
  12. You will see the message "Your new ACH refund account has been saved."
  13. You are now enrolled and all future refunds will be deposited directly into your checking account.

If you are not sure if you have set up direct deposit previously, please follow the instructions above to verify your direct deposit setup. You will see your see your saved bank information under the 'Electronic Refunds' section of 'My Profile Setup.'

Please note: This process is separate from the direct deposit setup associated with any paycheck or travel reimbursement from Old Dominion University.

I do not want to provide my direct deposit information. How will I receive the rebate?

If you do not provide direct deposit information, the rebate will be processed as a physical check and sent to your permanent mailing address as designated in your student account. Please allow 5 - 7 business days for delivery of your check refund from April 21, 2020. To review your address information, go to https://portal.odu.edu/myinfoform.

I do not want to provide my direct deposit information. How do I avoid a check being mailed to my student mailbox?

All rebate checks will be sent to your permanent mailing address as designated in your student account. To review your address information click https://portal.odu.edu/myinfoform

Will rebates apply to any outstanding balances on my student account?

If you have a balance due to the university, the rebate will be used toward paying that balance, with any remaining funds issued to you through direct deposit or via check if you are not currently enrolled in direct deposit. To ensure a fast and secure refund, please sign up for direct deposit. You will find instructions on how to sign up at Student eRefunds.

My rebate is smaller than expected. Why is it?

Your rebate may be smaller than expected if you have an outstanding balance on your student account and a portion of the rebate was applied toward the outstanding balance.

Will the rebate have any effect on my future financial aid?

There is no direct impact on your financial aid eligibility for either the 2019-20 academic year or the 2020-21 academic year as a result of the rebates.

I had a parking pass this year but did not receive a rebate. Who do I contact to find out about that?

If you have questions related to the parking pass rebate, please contact Auxiliary Business Services Phone Bank Center at 757-683-3508 or cardcenter@odu.edu.

I have money left on my Monarch Plus account. Will it be refunded? Who do I contact to find out about it?

Monarch Plus funds are available to you as long as you are a student at ODU. Funds automatically roll over from semester to semester. If you are graduating and would like a refund, please contact Auxiliary Business Services Phone Bank Center 757-683-3508 or cardcenter@odu.edu.

Can my rebate roll over into future semesters?

A rollover option is not available.

Will Old Dominion University provide rebates of tuition and/or student fees?

Old Dominion University, valuing the health and safety of students, shifted to online teaching March 23. Recognizing that certain aspects of the ODU experience cannot be provided under the pandemic conditions, ODU provided student rebates on housing, dining, and parking. Fortunately, the core mission of the university continues. While the delivery method has changed, Old Dominion University faculty and staff remain engaged in providing educational programming and opportunities for students around the world. We have shifted our practices to ensure that students can receive content and credit with the flexibility that the situation requires and are developing ways to support and maintain the thriving campus community.

Student payments for spring tuition fund Old Dominion University's educational programs, which we continue to offer remotely to our students. Similarly, student activities funded on an annual basis by fees run throughout the year with costs incurred at various points over the fall and spring semesters. We continue to provide students with programs in these areas within the restrictions imposed on the university in responding to the Governor's orders as the Commonwealth responds to the pandemic.

How are military benefits affected by the rebate?

Military benefits are tuition only, therefore the rebate does not apply. Rebates for housing and dining will not affect your military benefits.


April 7, 2020: Student Rebates for Spring 2020 (President Broderick)

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