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Lodging & Meal Per Diem Rates


May, 2021

Any individual traveling on behalf of Old Dominion University on official university business must complete the Travel Registry Process prior to departure, no exceptions.

Additional information about current COVID-19 policies may be found here.


Travel canceled due to the University guidance will be available for reimbursement to the employee or student, from departmental funds. Please follow directions below to obtain waivers and refunds from airlines and hotels, to minimize the cost to your department.

If you decide to cancel your trip, first check with your travel agent or the airline to see if a waiver has been issued. There may be a travel waiver which will allow your ticket to be refunded. If a waiver is not issued for your destination prior to your departure date, you must cancel your ticket at least three hours before your scheduled departure to avoid being a "no-show" so your ticket will retain its value as a future travel credit.

Since the situation is fluid and airlines appear to be regularly reassessing their policies, travelers might consider waiting closer to their travel date before canceling if a refund will not be offered. Travelers should make a reasonable attempt to receive a refund for all other travel-related expenses. Trip-related expenses, including those that cannot be refunded, may be reimbursed with approval from their department.


Most hotel reservations, including first night deposits, can be cancelled from 72 hours prior to the event up to 6 pm day of arrival. Pre-paid hotels and conference registrations are at the discretion of the vendor to provide refunds in case of event cancellation. If the University/employee cancels the trip but the event is not cancelled and the fees are non-refundable (pre-paid non-refundable hotels are against university policy), the University/ employee will be responsible for these fees. We would recommend requesting refunds to see if the hotel/ conference will make exceptions. However, if the University/ employee chooses to cancel and the event is still taking place the University/employee is held to all cancellation policies in place at the time of booking.


If you have an event or meal planned on campus that needs to be canceled due to the University's guidance and response to the Coronavirus, these expenses will be reimbursable from departmental funds.

SPECIAL NOTE - ODU now uses the GSA CONUS rates (domestic travel) and the GSA OCONUS rates (international travel) for all University travel.

For students who must use the Consolidated Travel form rather than Chrome River, you must use the appropriate rates for the period traveled.

Travelers must seek to find hotels within these guidelines. Travelers who do not plan with careful consideration to these guidelines will bear the additional expense personally. In such cases, taxes and surcharges will be prorated and reimbursed only for the appropriate rate.

When determining the hotel rate, the tables show the maximum amount for 1 night's lodging, excluding taxes and surcharges. Taxes and surcharges are reimbursable but are not used to determine the daily lodging maximum. The M&IE Rate Table provides standard meal and incidental reimbursement guidelines and lodging rates.

The appropriate rate is determined by the physical location of the hotel and not the mailing address.


Areas Within the Contiguous United States

For the 48 contiguous states, ODU uses the General Services Administration (GSA) CONUS Rate Table to provide guidelines for Lodging, Meals, and Incidental Expenses that are allowable for reimbursement. The lodging rate excludes local taxes and surcharges, however, taxes and surcharges are reimbursable expenses. If a location is not listed, the standard rate applies.

Foreign Locations by Area

Use this link to find travel per diem rates (lodging and meals) for foreign travel. If a specific city is not listed, use the "other" rate shown for that country. The M&IE portion of the maximum per diem rate covers the cost of meals as well as incidental expenses. The Federal government recommends use of a current web browser to access this site.

Non-Foreign, Non-Contiguous U.S. Areas by Location

The per diem rates for non-foreign, non-contiguous U.S. areas (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, Midway, the Northern Mariana Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Wake Island and other non-foreign areas outside the continental United States) are established by the Department of Defense Per Diem, Travel and Transportation Allowance Committee (PDTATAC).

Lodging Guidance
Meals Guidance
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