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Overnight Travel

Domestic Travel

Pre-approvals are no longer required by the University for domestic travel within the United States. Departments should review their internal process for pre-approvals.

International Travel

For all international travel, a Pre-Approval Request is required. Employees must prepare an estimate of the total cost of any proposed international travel and obtain approval prior to traveling. Complete the Pre-Approval Request in the automated Chrome River system. This Pre-Approval Request must be attached to the Expense Report when seeking reimbursement. Please review the Out-of-Country Travel page for more information on international travel guidelines.

Preparing an Estimate of Proposed Travel Cost

The estimate of proposed travel must include the total cost of any proposed international travel. For planned travel, the traveler must be able to demonstrate, with documentation, that a reasonable effort was made to secure the most cost beneficial means of travel for the Commonwealth.

Total Cost includes:

  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Conference registration
  • Travel tickets
  • Any other travel costs or course fees, regardless of the payment method
  • Payments processed via purchase order or PCard are NOT reimbursable expenses to the traveler. NOTE: If prepayment is processed for a travel expense (i.e., hotel or registration fee) a copy of the approved Pre-Approval Request is required, if applicable.

Pre-Approval Request Approvals

  • The traveler's supervisor and the Budget Unit Director (BUD) are authorized to approve the Pre-Approval Request. The BUD must be on the signature list for the budget being charged.
  • Travelers may NOT approve their own travel-related documents.
  • The traveler must submit the Pre-Approval Request in Chrome River in advance of the international travel, and it must be approved by their supervisor and BUD in Chrome River before the trip date. It is recommended that this approval be obtained at least 30 days in advance of travel.
  • The request will automatically be routed for approval by the Provost/designee.

Visitors and Other Non-ODU Travelers

Direct Billing to ODU Using an eVA Purchase Order

For interview candidates, athletic recruits, guest lecturers, and other non-employee travelers, lodging expenditures can be direct billed to ODU using an eVA purchase order. A Pre-Approval Request is not required, BUT the eVA purchase order must clearly state that the lodging is for a non-employee. General Services Administration (GSA) CONUS or OCONUS travel regulation dollar limits in these guidelines apply unless there is a contractual agreement that states otherwise (documentation required).

Reimbursement via Expense Report in Chrome River

For lodging expenditures not direct billed, and any other travel expense to be reimbursed to a non-ODU traveler - an Expense Report must be submitted in Chrome River. Pre-Approval Request is not required.

  • The Expense Report must be prepared by a University employee using the "Non-Employee Expense" tab in Chrome River.
  • A copy of the printed Expense Report must be signed by the non-employee traveler or the non-employee must send an e-mail to certify the amount to be reimbursed.
  • The BUD will approve the reimbursement in Chrome River.
  • General Services Administration (GSA) CONUS or OCONUS travel regulation dollar limits in these guidelines apply unless there is a contractual agreement that states otherwise (documentation required).

Independent Contractors

Generally, independent contractors should not be reimbursed separately for travel expenditures via Expense Report. Travel expenditures should be included as part of the contract.

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