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Non-Reimbursable Expenses

Please review the Procedure 6-716 - Non-Reimbursable Expenses for full details on this policy. For questions please contact the Accounts Payable Manager at 683-4813 or the Accounts Payable Travel Supervisor at 683-5020.

The following expenses will NOT be reimbursed:

This list is NOT all-inclusive. Travelers should use prudent judgment and remember that all travel expense accounts are open to the public and must be able to sustain the test of public review.

  Lost or stolen articles

  Alcoholic beverages

 Damage to personal vehicles, clothing, or other items

  Services to gain entry into a locked vehicle

 Movies charged to hotel rooms

 Personal negligence expenses (such as fines)

 Expenses for children, spouses, and companions

 Towing charges

 Travel insurance (personal injury or loss, trip interruption/cancellation, etc.)


*Tips are included in the M&IE per diem, except for taxi or shuttle services (learn more).

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