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Business Meals


Generally, meal expenses must involve an overnight stay to qualify for reimbursement. Individuals who are not in a travel status are eligible for meal reimbursement if they participate in a business meal. Individuals in travel status may occasionally attend meals that qualify as business meals. For individuals in travel status, the per diem allowance applicable to the business meal must be clearly excluded from the daily reimbursement.

Business meals occur while the individual is on official business and MUST include Agency Head (or designee) approval, must involve substantive and bona fide business discussions (specific details about the benefits to the University must be included), must include the itemized receipt, and list by name all persons involved in the meal and the reason for the meal. Original receipts must be maintained centrally in a department file.

Business meal expenses are reimbursed for actual expenses up to the amount shown for the applicable meal in the M&IE Per Diem Table for General Services Administration (GSA) CONUS and OCONUS rates.

  • The Budget Unit Director's (BUD) approval of the Expense Report will authorize reimbursement of non-travel related business meal expenses up to 50% over the applicable per diem guidelines with sufficient justification and the itemized receipt.
  • The Assistant Vice President for Finance/University Controller will review the Expense Report for any excess meal expenses that are more than 50% over the applicable per diem guidelines. Business meals that exceed 50% over the applicable per diem will require discretionary funds.

Submission of the Business Related Meal Expense Statement is required for reimbursement. Attach the form to your Expense Report in Chrome River.

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