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Travel Advances

Requesting a Travel Advance

Travel advances should be requested only when out-of-pocket expenses for a specific trip would cause a financial burden for the employee/traveler. Amounts for hotel accommodations will be advanced only if the hotel does not accept the Corporate Travel Card and there is insufficient time to process a prepayment purchase order. Advances will not be processed for less than $25.

International Travel Advances
If requesting a travel advance associated with international travel, the approved Pre-Approval Request must be attached to the request for a travel advance.

Timing of Request
A request for a travel advance should be submitted in Chrome River a minimum of two weeks prior to the date of departure. If proper notice is not provided, a letter of justification should be attached to the advance request in Chrome River.

Issuance of Advances
Travel advances are issued to the traveler approximately three (3) days prior to the departure date.

Picking up Your Advance

  • Direct Deposit: If a direct deposit is requested, the funds will be disbursed within 3 work days prior to the trip.
  • Check: Accounts Payable Audit notifies the traveler via e-mail when the check is available for pick up. Traveler advances issued via check must be picked up by the traveler in person from the Cashier's Office in Rollins Hall upon approval.


Full information about employee travel advances is contained in Procedure 6-718 (Travel Advances - Employees).

When an employee needs a travel advance, the travel advance request must be completed and submitted in Chrome River. The travel advance will automatically be routed to Accounts Payable once the request is approved by the traveler's supervisor and the Budget Unit Director (BUD).

By submitting the request for an advance, an employee agrees that if the advance is not repaid in a timely manner, the advance amount may be deducted from any amounts owed to the employee, including pay or benefits.

A Budget Unit Director certifies availability of funds.

Procedure 6-718 (Travel Advances - Employees)

Full information about student travel advances is contained in Procedure 6-719 (Travel Advances - Students).

Students must repay any funds not used within fourteen (14) days after travel is completed. Students who fail to repay any funds not used in a timely manner and according to policy will not be allowed to register for classes or have their grades released until the debt is satisfied. Students are personally responsible for the total amount of the advance and for reporting all costs on an Expense Report with required receipts.

Procedure 6-719 (Travel Advances - Students)

Obtaining Reimbursement

Upon completion of the trip for which an advance was obtained, a traveler is responsible for submitting an Expense Report in Chrome River within fourteen (14) calendar days of completion of the trip.

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