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Travel Card

Are you a full- or part-time faculty/staff member who travels frequently on State business? You may be eligible for a Corporate Travel Card.

Travel charge cards provide full and part-time faculty and staff who travel more than twice a year with a means of charging expenses incurred while conducting official State business. Students are not eligible to participate in the travel card program.

Payment of the Corporate Travel Card (Individual Liability) is the employee's responsibility. The total account balance is payable in full each month regardless if the cardholder has been reimbursed for the expenses. Noncompliance with travel charge card policies by a cardholder is grounds for revocation of card privileges without alternate travel cash advance privileges.


Improper use of any travel charge card includes, but is not limited to:

  • Personal purchases not incidental to a business purpose
  • Failure to promptly apply reimbursements for charged business expenses to the account
  • Failure to pay the bill in full each month by the due date regardless if the cardholder has been reimbursed for travel expenses


1. Submit Forms

The employee must complete & submit the following forms to the attention of the Travel Card Program Administrator in the Office of Finance.

2. Review

The Travel Card Program Administrator will review the application. If the applicant is eligible, the Administrator will approve the Employee Agreement and submit the application in Bank of America's WORKS system.

3. Training

The employee will receive an email with request to complete the Travel Cardholder Training in ODU's Commonwealth of Virginia Learning Center. Employee must submit the Travel Cardholder Training Certificate to the Travel Card Program Administrator after the training is completed.

4. Card in Mail

Once the application is approved by Bank of America, the travel card will be issued and sent via US mail to the employee's home address. The employee should receive the card within 7 - 10 workdays. NOTE: card will not be approved for use until after training certificate is received.


Annual Cardholder Training

Annual cardholder training is required. Cardholders will be notified when the training is available. Failure to complete the training will result in the card being temporarily suspended.

Travel Cardholder Training can be accessed in the Commonwealth of Virginia Learning Center: https://covlc.virginia.gov/Default.aspx

Employee Agreement Renewal

Corporate Travel Card Employee Agreement

Corporate Travel Charge cardholders are required to complete an Employee Agreement upon issuance of a new card or at least every three years.

Send completed agreements to:
Corporate Travel Card Program Administrator
Accounts Payable
Office of Finance
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA 23529


The employee is responsible for paying the total account balance in full each month regardless if the cardholder has been reimbursed for the expenses.

Dial 1-888-449-2273 to make payments by phone.

Access the Payment Center to make payments online. https://payment2.works.com/works

Regular Mail:
Bank of America
P.O. Box 15731
Wilmington, DE 19886-5731

Overnight Delivery:*
Payment Services
1000 Samoset Drive
Newark, DE 19713
*Use telephone number 1-302-457-4066 for overnight delivery (required by FedEx)

Credit Limit

Travel cycle limits are:

  • Light Traveler: $1,000
  • Moderate Traveler: $1,500
  • Frequent Traveler: $2,500
  • Constant Traveler: $5,000

If you wish to have a limit greater than the maximum of $5,000, you must contact the Program Administrator. A request will be submitted to the Department of Accounts for approval and then forwarded to Bank of America.

Address & Name Changes

Cards are mailed to the cardholder's home address. Cardholders are responsible for maintaining their card delivery and statement billing address (home address only) with Bank of America. The Program Administrator cannot maintain the address.

Cardholders can make address changes online via Works, or call Bank of America Customer Service at 888-449-2273.

The cardholder must present the Travel Card Program Administrator with a legal document to validate and process any name changes.

Delinquent Accounts

The cardholder's account will be temporarily suspended if the account is more than 31 days past due, and the outstanding delinquent balance will be deducted from the cardholder's paycheck per the Employee Agreement.

The cardholder's account will be permanently closed if the account is more than 61 days past due. This will occur regardless of whether or not reimbursement for travel costs has occurred.

Lost or Stolen Cards

Contact Bank of America to report lost or stolen travel cards at 888-449-2273 anytime. Contact ODU's Program Administrator to report lost or stolen cards during regular business hours.

Closing Card Accounts

The travel charge card must be destroyed if the cardholder is cancelling the account or resigning from employment with the University. The cardholder must contact the Travel Program Administrator to close the account.


Program Administrator
Melissa Snowden

Backup Program Administrator
Barbara Stokes

Backup Program Administrator
Monique Johnson-Dowe

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