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Contracts & Purchasing

COVID-19 Guidance


Guidance on procurement transactions that are essential for continued instructional and operational requirements.


Guidance on keeping a record of all University Purchased goods and equipment delivered to or used at non-ODU address.

 Contracts @ ODU

The Old Dominion University Monarch community has access to a variety of contracts. These contracts are awarded as the result of a formal solicitation, evaluation, and negotiation process in adherence with laws and policies impacting ODU. According to the Mandatory Use of Contracts Policy, departments must do business with the specified vendors that the University has contracts with.


Mandatory Use of Contracts Policy Contract Administration Guidelines Contract Administration Training


Once a contract is awarded, it can't be assumed that all agreed upon terms & conditions will always be met. So, Contract Administration is the continued process of monitoring all aspects of a contract to ensure that all parties are compliant with the defined and specified contractual terms, conditions, rights and obligations, and that performance is in accordance with the defined specifications or scope of work. Procurement Services may designate (when applicable) a Contract Administrator in writing after a contract award is issued.


 Purchasing @ ODU

Departments have been delegated purchasing authority up to $5,000 pending the use of a Contract Vendor or a SWaM (Certified Small, Woman-Owned or Minority-Owned Business). Here you will find guidance on specific purchases.

Aramark Catering Services

The Aramark Catering Procedures clearly define the process, approval flow and required documentation to ensure that catering expenses are appropriate, budgeted, received in accordance with the catering confirmed order, and that such catering services meet the mission of the University while providing appropriate controls and enhancing the use of the Purchasing Card (PCard) program. This procedure also ensures prompt payment of the catering contract vendor.

Outside Caterers

As written in the University's Catering Policy, catering provided by off campus vendors is not permitted without written approval from the Director of Dining Services. Request forms and guidelines for waivers are available online at www.campusdish.com and may also be picked up at the Monarch Catering Office, located in Webb Center.

Business Cards and Stationary

ODU has collaborated with and entered into a contract for printing services for two or more color jobs. For stationary type items that are single color, the following approved vendors can be contacted directly by the ordering department and enter payment via University PCard.

Contact Procurement Services at 757-683-3105 with questions regarding the process for letterhead, envelopes and/or forms requiring two or more color printing, visit the printing procedures.

Optional Online Ordering

ODU has partnered with Professional Printing Center for online ordering of business cards, envelopes, and letterhead that will allow the requestor to select a layout, enter the details in the online form, immediately view the proof online, submit an order, and enter payment via University PCard. Please be sure to check out this option at: odu.professionalprinting.com.

More Information

Please visit University Design & Publications for more information on ordering business cards & stationary.

Computer Purchases (Dell and Apple)

The University has established contracts with Dell and Apple for University computers.

  • Dell computers must be purchased from Dell via an eVA Purchase Order. To obtain a Dell eQuote, work with your TSP. To obtain a Dell Premier Account, contact Procurement Services jnhall@odu.edu.
  • Apple purchases are coordinated with your TSP and purchased through the University Village Bookstore.

Computer Standards
ITS (Information Technology Services) has established recommended desktop configuration for all ITS managed computers, please visit the Computer Standards webpage.

Enterprise Rental Vehicles

The University vehicle rental contract is with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Reservations can be made online or by phone. Please see the Reservations Guide for more information.

Reservations made through the local Little Creek office can be paid using a University PCard, eVA Purchase Order or PA01 Form.

Reservations made at a local office other than the Little Creek, the renter's name must match the name on the credit card used for payment. If the renter does not have a University PCard, they will need to use their personal credit card for payment and seek reimbursement.

There are dedicated parking spots for picking up and dropping off rental vehicles (see map). Renters must reserve a vehicle and specify that the vehicle should be dropped off in the Enterprise dedicated parking spots. When the vehicle is ready to be returned to Enterprise, the renter must park the rental vehicle in a dedicated parking spot and notify Enterprise that the vehicle is ready to be picked up. Keys must be dropped off at the ODU Police Department (4516 Monarch Way) in the designated Enterprise drop box.

Enterprise Program Summary
Enterprise Parking Spaces (MAP)

Executive Order 77 Plastic Pollution and Solid Waste Reduction

Executive Order 77 (Virginia Leading by Example to Reduce Plastic Pollution and Solid Waste) was issued in March 2021 by the Governor. The Executive Order requires state agencies and institutions to:

  • (i) cease buying, selling and distributing disposable plastic bags, single-use plastic and polystyrene food service containers, plastic straws and cutlery, and single-use plastic water bottles and
  • (ii) develop a long-term Plastic Pollution Reduction and Waste Diversion Plan.

Fisher Scientific

The VASCUPP Fisher Scientific Company LLC contract is available for use by Old Dominion University. VASCUPP contract number VTG-546-2017. You can find items such as general laboratory supplies and equipment on their website.

Fisher Scientific must be purchased via an eVA Purchase Order using the Fisher punch out catalog. A guide detailing steps to placing Fisher orders can be found here.

Please contact Barbie Edwards at 757-683-7158 or procurement@odu.edu with any questions you may have.

Furniture (VCE)


Virginia Correctional Enterprises (VCE) has a right of first refusal to provide furniture products to the university. If VCE does not manufacture the goods required and grants an exemption, the purchase may be made from a commercial source.

Ordering from VCE:

Browse the VCE Catalog, but please note: VCE website may not be complete. Please contact your VCE Representative to confirm pricing and availability. When entering a purchase requisition into eVA, you will need to put VCE in the contract number field. You may use your departmental PCard for orders up to $4999. Any purchases over $5000 must obtain a release by submitting a VCE Release Request.

VCE Contact Info:

Sales Representative
Valencia Moore

Virginia Correctional Enterprises

Main: 804-743-4100
Mobile: 804-393-6721

Kathy Kurtz
Virginia Correctional Enterprises

Toll Free: 800-823-2823

Pricing and Product Availability:
VCE Customer Service
Phone: 800-823-2823 or 804-743-4100
Fax: 804-743-2206
Find a contact in your region


Written releases are required for transactions of $5,000 or more. The release allows for purchase from commercial vendors, and is only granted if VCE has nothing compatible with the requirement, or is unable to meet the required delivery. VCE will not grant a release after a purchase has been made. As of February 1, 2019, the process for submitting a release request to VCE has changed to an online VCE Release Request Form.

Information about the release form and all releases shall be addressed to: VCE Customer Service at 1-800-823-2823 or vcecustsrvc@vadoc.virginia.gov

Further Assistance

If further assistance is needed on ordering furniture, please contact:

Neil Cutler | Procurement Services | 757-683-3136 | ccutler@odu.edu

Golf Carts

Per Procurement Services' Procedure 110-010: Vehicles / Rolling Stock / Motorized Equipment, approval by Facilities Management is required for the purchase of all golf carts.

In the case of golf carts, all requests must come from the cognizant Budget Unit Director, via the Associate Director of Facilities Management, to the Vice President for Administration and Finance for approval.

For detailed instructions on how to procure a golf cart, please review the Golf Cart Procurement Policy.

Grainger / RE Replacements

Grainger/RE Replacements is a vendor that the University has a contract agreement with. You can find items such as safety vests, gloves, equipment, utility knives, and other miscellaneous equipment on their website.

Please contact Neil Cutler at 757-683-3136 or ccutler@odu.edu with any questions you may have.

Office Supplies (Staples / RGH)

The University has a contract with Staples/RGH. Any office supplies or other items sold by Staples should be purchased through this contract. Log in to browse the Staples/RGH website. If you do not have an account yet, please submit the Staples New Account Request Form to procurement@odu.edu. The Staples/RGH User Guide can provide guidance on how to search for products and use this account.

Orders for furniture and technology, where the product is not available on the RGH website, should be ordered by issuing an eVA purchase order. The purchase order must be issued to RGH and include a quote number. Invoices will be received from RGH with associated eVA PO number referenced.

Please contact Barbie Edwards at 757-683-7158 or procurement@odu.edu with any questions about this.

Printing & Copying Services

The University has established procedures for printing services. Print jobs not produced by the office of University Publications must be submitted to the office of University Publications prior to obtaining quotes.


If you are unsure of how to seek quotes for printing services, please consider attending a Printing Services Procedure Training.

VASCUPP Contact Information

Hackworth Reprographics Inc.
Charles Hackworth II
757-545-7675 ext. 1002

Contract #:WM-1655-18-Hackworth

Liskey & Sons Printing, Inc.
Guy Liskey
757-627-2998 (fax)

Contract #: WM-1655-18-LiskeyPrinting

Professional Printing Center
Jean Burke
757-547-1990 ext. 125
757-547-1694 (fax)

Contract #: WM-1655-18-ProfessionalPrinting

Worth Higgins & Associates, Inc.
Megan McGhee
804-565-3557 (direct)
804-514-2159 (mobile)

Contract #: UCPUMW 16-381

Promotional Products

When purchasing items using university funding (state/local) all Procurement Policies apply.

The University and VASCUPP have several cooperative contracts available for obtaining quotes and ordering promotional products. Departments are encouraged to request multiple quotes from contract vendors. All quotes requested should be attached to your eVA PR and/or PCard transaction in Works.

Many of the supply chain issues the pandemic has caused worldwide affecting inventory, labor shortages and shipping complications have impacted the University's licensed vendors. These vendors are still dealing with many of these challenges and are asking that you keep this information in mind when planning for upcoming purchases. They are seeing mid-year price increases due to shipping container costs that are at an all-time high and raw material costs that are on the rise. Shipping delays are expected to continue throughout the summer. With that in mind, campus requestors are encouraged to contact your sales rep or the ODU Licensing office as soon as you know you have a product need so that they can provide options and secure inventory in plenty of time for your events and projects.

Below is a list of VASCUPP cooperative contract vendors:

Nikki Promades Karen Hamilton Chuck Crenshaw
Staples/RGH Bright Ideas Promo Factory, LLC
561-758-6813 434-260-5251 Office: 434-974-9740
Nikki.Promades@staples.com karen@gobrightideas.com Mobile: 434-996-1502
https://nikki-promades.staplespromosite.com/ www.gobrightideas.com/karenhamilton Toll free: 888-380-1309
SWAM: Small, Micro, Minority SWAM: Small, Micro chuck@yourpromoneeds.com
Contract #: CNR01398 Contract #: UCPJMU5256 www.yourpromoneeds.com
SWAM: Small, Micro, Women
Contract #: UCPJMU5263
Dan Clark Kathryn Mahanes Patrick Carlson
TK Promotions, Inc. Promo Factory, LLC ID Marketing Inc/IDAmerica
Office: 804-740-8800 Phone: (434) 305-2233 757-609-3166
Direct: 804-774-4720 kathryn@yourpromoneeds.com PATRICK@IDAMERICA.COM
dan@tkpromotionsinc.com www.yourpromoneeds.com idamerica.com
www.tkpromotionsinc.com SWAM: Small, Micro, Women SWAM: Small
SWAM: Small, Micro Contract #: UCPJMU5263 Contract #: UCPJMU5260
Contract #: UCPJMU5270
Nick Schrank Regina Kenerley Dan Clarkson
ATHLETIC UNION/Fresh Printz A Logo For You MSP Design Group
540-937-3017 757-220-9259 757-449-6792
nick@athleticunion.com alfy@kernergromoup.com dan@mspdesigngroup.com
www.freshprintz.com www.alogoforyou.com https://mspdesigngroup.com/
SWAM: Small, Micro, Women SWAM: Small, Micro, Women SWAM: Small
Contract #: UCPJMU5271 Contract #: UCPJMU5254 Contract #: UCPJMU5264

Skilled Trades Contractors

The pre-qualified Contractors listings are located in the MICRO Contractors (< $10K) and ALL Contractors ($10K-$500K) Excel spreadsheets. The work solicited using the pre-qualified micro business, small business, small women owned business and small minority owned business, and contractors list are restricted to projects $500,000 or less. Please read the Instructions for Skilled Trade Contract for more details.

The Contract Administrator for Skilled Trades Contracts can be contacted at:

Neil Cutler, CPPB, VCCO, VCO, CUPO
Department of Procurement Services
Procurement Manager
(757) 683-3136


Information Technology Services (ITS) has specific policies, guidelines, and processes for software and data administration. As a result of those policies, prior to the acquisition of software departments must provide Procurement Services with the following, if applicable:

  • Contractor Proposal
  • ITS Software Decision Analysis
  • Requisition


University departments are required to initiate a Software Decision Analysis (SDA) via the Project Management Office (PMO) for all software requests. ITS has recommended that the ITS Software Questionnaire be provided to the PMO. Departments can obtain the Questionnaire by contacting the PMO at pmo@odu.edu or by visiting the Software Decision Analysis webpage here.

PMO Contact:

ITS Security Contact:

Procurement Services Contact:


Temporary Services

The VASCUPP temporary employment services contracts are available for use by Old Dominion University. The job titles offered and hourly billing rates vary between companies. The attached provides a listing of the job titles, hourly rates and Contractor contact information available to ODU departments.

It is recommended that campus departments contact the Contractor directly to determine if they offer the position needed and have the staffing resources available to meet campus department's request. If position and staffing resources are available, campus department is to confirm details and start date for temporary employment services.

A purchase order may be issued. If PO is issued, campus department would need to verify hours worked and complete receiver in Banner on a weekly basis. Alternatively, a PCard may be used to make weekly payments. Verification of hours and upload of receipt into Works would be required. Specific contract information may be found here.

Please contact Procurement Services at procurement@odu.edu with any questions.

Contact Information:


Temporary Solutions

Personnel Pool

1st Choice, LLC

Under Armour Apparel (BSN Sports)

Campus departments now have the opportunity to order Under Armour apparel through BSN Sports.

How to Order:

  1. Complete the attached order form based on options available within the Under Armour Apparel Catalog noting quantity, sizes, color, and logo option selected.
    1. Please note: ODU apparel pricing is 50% off pricing listed in the catalog. Footwear is 45% of catalog pricing. There is a fee of $7.95 for each logo per location.
    2. Screen printing charges will vary depending upon quantity. Please contact Matt Tonelson at BSN (mtonelson@bsnsports.com) for more info on screen printing.
  2. Submit the complete Under Armour Order Form to procurement@odu.edu.
  3. The Ordering Contact referenced on the order form will receive an order confirmation email from BSN Sports. The ordering department contact is responsible for reviewing the order and contacting BSN Sports if there are any errors.
  4. Once order is confirmed, allow approximately 3 weeks for delivery.
  5. Upon receipt of order, contact Michelle Mallet at BSN Sports at 757-548-3391 (Ext. 2) to make PCard payment. Reference Cart # or Invoice # for payment.
    1. For PCard documentation, reference BSN contract #UCPJMU4567.


  • The PCard is the method of payment for orders less than $4,999.
  • For orders over $4,999, attach the completed order form to a purchase requisition in eVA.

Virginia Distribution Center (VDC)

The Virginia Distribution Center (VDC) is part of Department of General Services (DGS). The VDC is a cooperative procurement function that provides a broad selection of high-quality services and products at the lowest prices by leveraging the collective buying power of the Commonwealth, utilizing efficient freight methods, and maintaining an onsite Quality Assurance Laboratory operation. The University has a Cooperative Contract with VDC- listed on the eVA home page. You can find paper, plastic, safety supplies, flags, commodities, etc. on the VDC website.

UPS Express Delivery Services

UPS Accounts & Information:

  • New UPS accounts can be set up by submitting the UPS Enrollment Form to Matt Bracken at mbracken@ups.com.
  • Contract & pricing information is available on the Sourcewell UPS contact inforamtion page.
  • Customer service inquiries such as answers to account questions, contract questions, special requests, etc., should be directed to Matt Bracken at mbracken@ups.com.
  • General inquiries may be handled by contacting UPS at 1-800-877-1497.
  • Payment by pcard is required for express delivery purchases, as it allows weekly UPS invoices to be sent to the cardholder.
  • Track shipments by using the UPS Tracking Link. UPS Quantum View Manage can be used for a shipper to see all shipments for the past 45 days.

Vendor Feedback & Complaints




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