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Course Overrides & Overloads

During pre-registration and open registration and through the add/drop deadline, faculty may provide electronic overrides or overloads for their courses using LEO Online.

Providing an electronic override does not register the student in the class, but allows the student to complete the registration online (during the registration period for the course) and without further manual intervention.


  • Instructors should always consult with their department before granting overrides or overloads, since classroom capacity and departmental or University policy may not allow overrides.
  • Only the primary instructor can provide overrides to courses online,
  • Courses with waitlists: Students should be advised to add themselves to the waitlist. Please do NOT approve closed-class overrides on courses with waitlists, as they will interfere with the automated waitlisting processes.
  • Registration overrides do NOT extend the add/drop deadline. With or without overrides, students cannot register in self-service after the registration deadline for any class.
  • Students are able to view overrides given in Banner Registration-->Prepare for Registration.

Before you provide an override, you need:

  • the student's University ID Number (UIN)
  • the CRN (5-digit course reference number)
  • the registration error you are being asked to override. The override must match the registration error, or the student will not be able to complete the registration online.

How to provide an electronic override:

  1. Log in to LEO Online secure self-service website.
  2. Select Faculty & Advisor from the menu.
  3. Select Registration Overrides.
  4. Highlight and select term.
  5. Enter student's UIN and confirm student's name.
  6. Select override criteria (must match student's registration error(s).
  7. Select course.
  8. Submit the change -- a confirmation appears -- submit the confirmation of the change.

    Your part is done and the student may now view the override and complete registration for that class using LEO Online.

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