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Grade Distribution Reports

Grade Distribution Reports are run at the end of each academic semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) for all courses to which an instructor is assigned as the primary instructor.

Reports for all terms up to Fall 2018 have been sent to each college Dean and Associate Dean for storage on the college's shared network drive. Reports for Fall 2018 to the most recent completed semester are now available via self-service, on the University's Business Intelligence website.

Faculty may view Grade Distribution Reports for Fall 2018 and later at any time. However, Grade Distribution Reports for the most recently completed term are only available after all grades have been loaded and the Registrar has loaded "Z" grades for any missing/unreported grades.

To access these reports, use one of the several methods below.

View Course Assignments

Faculty can view all the courses/CRNs to which they are assigned in the current or most recent terms, in LEO Online.

To view course assignments:

  • Log into LEO Online (or log into the University Portal and choose the LEO Online "app")
  • Go to Faculty & Advisor Menu
  • Choose Active Assignments or Assignment History to see a list of CRNs to which you (the instructor) are assigned.
  • If you are not showing as the instructor for a course you are teaching, contact your department. The department must notify the Scheduling staff to add or change instructor assignments.

Grade Distribution Reports are prepared once each semester, after all grades have been loaded by instructors, and the Registrar has loaded "Z" grades for any missing/unreported grades. Grade Distribution Reports will be available to all faculty at the same time, and a University Announcement will be posted when they are available for viewing.

Faculty may view reports for previous semesters (Fall 2018 and later) at any time after they are made available.

Using Direct Link

Click on the link below (users will be required to authenticate with the MIDAS ID and password):

  • Take me to Grade Distribution Reports to access reports from terms Fall 2018 and later.
    • A new browser tab will open for you to log in with your MIDAS ID and password.
    • After login, the Faculty Grade Distribution Report form, with prompts, will open in Cognos Analytics.

  • Who can see the reports? Grade Distribution Reports are considered confidential, therefore:
    • Faculty can see only their own reports.
    • Department Chairs can view reports for all faculty in their department.
    • Deans can view reports for all faculty and departments in their college.
    • The Provost can view all grade distribution reports.

Access from the University Portal

Steps to set up and access Grade Distribution Report from the University Portal:

  • Navigate to https://portal.odu.edu
  • Log in with your MIDAS ID and password.
  • To add the report to your favorite apps:
    • Locate the "Search for apps by title or keywords" search box at the top of the window.
    • Enter the keyword "Grade Distribution Report" in the search box and click on "Pin to Dashboard".
      (this adds the report to the "My Favorite Apps" section).
    • Click on the "Proceed" button to go directly to the report.

  • To access the report once it's in your favorite apps, after authentication:
    • Click on the "Home" link in the menu.
    • Click and access "Grade Distribution Report" from your "My Favorite Apps" section.
    • A new browser window will open to the Faculty Grade Distribution Report.

  • To run the report:
    • Open the Grade Distribution Report from My Favorite Apps.
    • Select an Academic Period.
      (Fall 2018 is the earliest term available -- reports prior to Fall 2018 should be requested from your College Dean's office)
    • Click Finish to run the report.
    • To download or print the report, move the cursor to the top of the gray part of the screen and click the Download or Print icon.
      • The report will download in PDF format.
      • Choose a file location and Save the report.

Directly from Cognos Analytics

Steps to access Grade Distribution Report directly from Cognos Analytics:

  • Navigate to https://analytics.odu.edu/analytics
  • Log in with your MIDAS ID and password.
  • Click on Team content on the side menu.
  • Click My Dashboards and Reports.
  • Click Office of Registrar.
  • Click Grade Distribution Reports.
  • Click on Faculty Grade Distribution Report (prompts) to run the report.
    • Make appropriate selection from the prompts to see the output.
    • If no prompt selection is made, all available Grade Distribution Reports in the system will display.

Reports for Terms Prior to Fall 2018

Grade Distribution Reports for terms prior to Fall 2018 should be requested from your college Dean's office.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How soon can I see my Grade Distribution Reports?
    • Reports are run at the end of each semester after all grades have been loaded by instructors, and the Registrar's Office has loaded Z grades for any missing/unreported grades. Usually, a University Announcement will be sent out when they are available online.

  • Q: The online Grade Distribution Reports start with the Fall 2018 semester. Where can I get Grade Distribution Reports for earlier semesters?
    • You should request Grade Distribution Reports for semesters prior to Fall 2018 from your college Dean's Office.

  • Q: I don't see all my courses on my Grade Distribution Report. Who should I contact about that?
    • Grade Distributions are provided for every CRN to which you are attached as the (primary) instructor. Click on the During the Semester tab above to see how you can view the courses and CRNs to which you are attached.
    • Notify your department if you are not assigned to courses you are teaching, or if you are attached to courses you are not teaching.
    • Your department must notify the Scheduling staff of any changes to be made to instructor assignments.

  • Q: Can I access other faculty's Grade Distribution Reports?
    • No, you may only view the courses taught by you. Chairs can view the reports for all faculty teaching courses in their departments, and Deans can view reports for faculty teaching any courses in their college. The Provost has access to all courses. No one else can view this confidential information.

  • Q: Can I print and/or download my Grade Distribution Reports?
    • Yes, you can download a PDF report, and/or print your reports. Use the appropriate icons provided on the report screen, when you run your report.

  • Q: I am having trouble accessing my reports. What should I do?
    • You must log in using your MIDAS ID and password to access your reports. The login screen may open in a separate tab in your browser. If you are not taken directly to the Grade Distribution Report, look for another open tab where you would put your MIDAS credentials. You may be prompted to authenticate again due to multi-factor authentication.
    • If the Cognos Analytics system does not open or the report does not display, clear your browser cache, then close and restart your browser, and attempt to access the report again.
    • Cognos reports work best in the Chrome browser. If you are using another browser and have difficulty, please try a different browser.
    • If you still have trouble logging in, contact ITS Help Desk at 683-3192 or email itshelp@odu.edu. If you are a new Dean or Chair, provide your college and department information along with your full name and University ID number.

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