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Shared Email Accounts

Shared Email Accounts

Shared email accounts are accessible by a group of people who share responsibility for a project, course or management task. These accounts may be requested and managed only by faculty or staff members.

Although the account is "shared," each approved user logs in to the account using their personal MIDAS ID and password. All outgoing email from a shared email account shows the shared account name as the "sender."

Outlook Shared Email Setup

Once you have been granted access to a shared email account, you will need to configure Outlook on your computer to send and receive emails for that account.

Access Shared Email through Outlook Web App

Shared mailboxes on Office 365 servers:
You can access shared email accounts that HAVE been migrated to Office 365 at outlook.odu.edu.
How to access a shared email account in Outlook Webmail

Shared mailboxes on Exchange 2016:
If your mailbox has been migrated to Office 365, and you need access to a shared mailbox that still lives on Exchange 2016 (this is uncommon), you'll only be able to get to the shared mailbox through Outlook Web Access. To do this, go to https://webmail.odu.edu/owa/xxxx@odu.edu (using the actual email address of the shared account instead of xxxx) and log in with your MIDAS ID and password.

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