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University Web Team Projects

Project Description Status (Status Date)
Legacy Website Migration Project
Move content from the old (legacy) website environment to the new Web content management system, Adobe Experience Manager and training identified departmental content managers so that departments own their own content.
Complete (9/11/15)
Decommissioning of Legacy Environment The legacy environment (ww2, al, bpa, education, eng, hs, occs, sci, studentaffairs, uc) is at the end of service and with the implementation of the Web content management system, needs to be decommissioned. All existing content will be archived and the legacy website subdomains will become unavailable.
Daily archiving and removal of legacy website content. Solutions for faculty websites in progress. Student organizations will need to be addressed. (1/14/16)
AEM 6 Migration
The newest version of the University's Web content management system, Adobe Experience Manager, requires a migration rather than an upgrade from the current 5.6 version. This migration involves new servers and standing up new pre-production and production environments.
Migration to AEM 6.1 completed. Resolving some operational issues. (12/23/15)
Directory 2.0 Project
The directory project will improve the basic directory profile and implement workflow for profile changes. Additional phase of the project will implement solution for customizing the faculty listing for academic units.
Status information available on the project Web page.
Faculty Websites

The University currently offers two solutions for faculty to host University faculty sites: a templated solution that uses ODUEdit Pro and a DIY solution that uses WebDrive (WebDAV).

ODUEdit Pro is no longer supported. A WordPress installation is being piloted as a possible solution for templated sites.

Faculty will be encouraged to use the WordPress environment to host their faculty website. Faculty who wish to pursue a DIY solution can utilize the LIONS Unix environment.

WordPress launched. DIY alternative to be completed in March 2016 (12/23/16)
Qualtrics Exploration The current ODU forms application does not meet the desired functionality for a forms solution. This project will explore whether leveraging the existing contract for Qualtrics will provide the required functionality.
Project replaced by Forms Solution project (4/15/15)
Forms Solution
The current ODU forms application does not meet the desired functionality for a forms solution. This project will explore replacement options.
Evaluation group formed (8/27/15)
2015-16 Website Enhancement Program
This umbrella program of projects will refresh and update the design, content and functionality of the University's website.
Full project information available on the 2015-16 Web Enhancement Program page
Standard Website Analytics Report
Developing a report of the most useful data available from Google Analytics that can be provided on-demand to units or scheduled for a monthly send.
Building report template (12/18/15)

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