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Monarch Profile Manager

Monarch Profile Manager (MPM) is ODU's employee directory management system

Faculty & Staff at ODU use Monarch Profile Manager (MPM) to manage their directory information. MPM functions as a central authority to ensure consistency and accuracy on the University directory. MPM allows employees to update all their online profile information in one place, and ensures that all changes are approved and officially updated through the proper channels, thus ensuring consistency and accuracy for employee records and the university website.

Using Monarch Profile Manager

  1. Logging In

    Employees can log into the MPM via monarchprofile.odu.edu or by clicking the "Update your Directory Information" link at the bottom of your directory profile page. Use your MIDAS credentials to log in.

  2. Editing Profile Info

    Select "Edit Profile Info" and make all relevant updates, then click "Submit".

    Editing Position Title: Position title requests will NOT be approved by Human Resources if your supervisor has not yet updated your official title in PAPERS. Please confirm that your position title has been updated through the proper channels first before requesting the change in your Monarch Profile.

  3. Approval Process

    The updates will then go through the Approval Process:

    1. Your Supervisor
    2. Human Resources
    3. WebComm (for certain requests such as photo, etc.)

    You will receive email notifications to your ODU Staff email address about the status of your requested changes. Once you've been notified that your changes have been approved, it will automatically update on the website in 24-48 hours.

You can use the "Edit Profile Display" form to arrange the way your directory information is presented. You can choose which information is shown and how it is displayed.

  1. Logging In

    Log in to MPM via monarchprofile.odu.edu or by clicking the "Update your Directory Information"link at the bottom of your directory profile page. Use your MIDAS credentials to log in.

  2. Edit Profile Display

    On the Monarch Profile Manager home screen, select "Edit Profile Display".

    1. Select from the list of categories the information you would like to change. You can edit as many categories as you like before submitting your changes.
    2. To edit, use the dropdown menus in each category to select which display option you'd like to use. Only previously approved profile options are available. (E.g. if you would like your position title to be displayed as your Web Friendly Title, you must first submit a Web Friendly Title for approval before it will become available as a profile display option.)
    3. When you are finished editing all display options, click "Submit". After submission, it may take at least 24 hours to update on the website.

Case Formatting

If your name or position title is in ALL CAPS and you would like to change it to Mixed Case (or vice versa), you can do so without making a formal MPM request. As long as you do not wish to change the verbiage of these items, you can contact your department's Web Support Liaison or the ITS Help Desk to change it for you. After they have updated the text formatting, it will take 24-48 hours to propagate to the website.

Checking Requests

To check your request after it has been submitted in Monarch Profile Manager:

  1. Log in to Monarch Profile Manager.
  2. Click on "Home" in the top menu to view a dropdown menu. Select "View Open Change Requests"
  3. On this page you can see your current and previous profile change requests:
    1. Current Requests: Requests that are currently awaiting approval. If you do not see your request here, check Historical Requests.
    2. Historical Requests: Requests that have been through the Approval Process (and those that require no approval) are archived and listed under Historical Requests. The status of all completed requests is "Approval Finished XX-XX-XXXX". Please note that this only indicates that the request has been through the Approval Process, and not if it was approved/denied.


If you need help or have questions about your request, please contact your Web Support Liaison or the ITS Help Desk.

Disapproved Requests

Once reviewed, if your request is denied, you will receive a disapproval email notification.

If your request has been denied, please contact your Web Support Liaison or the ITS Help Desk for help.They can let you know the reason for the disapproval and help you to fix it. After addressing the issues that caused your request to be disapproved, you may then submit a new request in MPM.

Common reasons for disapprovals include: spelling errors, incorrect information, inconsistent information, information not properly updated in PAPERS or BANNER first, conflicts with University data or policy, etc.

Photo Requests

If you'd like your profile to include a professional photo, you can upload it to MPM for approval.

  • Your photo should be professional and recent - this will be the image that appears on your Faculty/Staff Directory page.
  • Photo should be a forward-facing headshot.
  • Your entire face should be visible in the photo and not obscured in any way. Please do not wear sunglasses, hats, etc.
  • Photo should be in focus and of you alone with no one else in the frame. Please do not use a photo of multiple people with the other people cropped out.
  • Photos should be taken against a plain surface or background. Professionally shot photographs may be used with a clean clear background or background that does not take away from the headshot. See examples below:

Profile photos should be clean, high-resolution headshots (max. 5MB, jpg/jpeg format, preferably 6x9) taken against a plain background or clean professional background that does not take away from the headshot. You can schedule a headshot with the University Photographer by calling University Relations at 757-683-3114.

Who Approves What?

Some requests require approval from multiple departments, while others require no approval at all. Please see Frequently Asked Questions "Who approves what changes?" for a full chart of who approves what.

After Editing Profile Info

If you have received email notification that your changes have been approved, and your changes do not automatically update to the website directory after 24-48 hours, you may need to log back into MPM and select "Edit Profile Display" to configure your directory display options.

After Editing Profile Display

If you have configured your directory display settings and still do not see the changes reflected on the ODU website after 48hrs, please contact your department's website support liaison for help.

Help | FAQ's

If you need help or have questions about your request, please contact your Web Support Liaison or the ITS Help Desk at itshelp@odu.edu or 757-683-3192.

Please check Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question has already been answered.

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