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University Logo & Signature Usage Standards

Two components make up the ODU signature: the word mark and the logo. The word mark is rendered in the Beaufort Bold font (caps and small caps). The crown is a fresh expression of the qualities of prestige and leadership.

When presented in full color, the signature employs the school colors PMS 540 (blue) and PMS 430 (gray). When presented in a single color, 100% black or 100% PMS 540 is used to maintain the dimension of the signature. When reversed, the background must be a dark value so that the signature is clearly read - 100% black or PMS 540 is preferred.

ODU Full-Color Signature

Logo: Three-color, full, signature

ODU One-Color Signature

Logo: Black Full Signature

ODU One-Color Reverse Signature

Logo: Reverse Full Signature

ODU Full-Color "ODU" Signature

Logo: Standard, ODU Only

Signature Placement

Keep the ODU signatures clearly visible. It is important to maintain a sufficient amount of space around the signature to ensure that it is distinct and easily identifiable. As a general guideline, the space around the signature should be the same as the height of the logo and "OLD DOMINION", or in the case of the ODU signature-the height of the logo and "ODU". No graphics, type or illustrations should appear in this clear space.

Logo Placement, signature
Logo Plaement: Logo + ODU

Signature Size

To ensure that the signature is legible, it's width should be no smaller than 1.75" for the full signature and for the "ODU" signature, no smaller than ".625".

Logo: Full-Size, signature
Logo: ODU Signature

Acceptable Signature Backgrounds

Legibility is paramount in the usage of the ODU signature. Therefore it should always be clearly visible against a background. All versions of the signature must appear on a white or very light (a color no darker than the look of a 10% screen of black) colored background. The reversed signature should be used on black, PMS 540 or suitable dark backgrounds. When placed on a photographic background, the area of the photograph where the signature is placed must be light or dark, not overly textured, or complex.

Incorrect Usage of Signature

To maintain the integrity of the ODU signatures they must be used within the guidelines outlined in this manual. Below are several examples of incorrect usage.

Incorrect sizing

When resizing the signature, do not distort it. In Word and PowerPoint particularly, only drag on the corners of the logo to resize correctly.

Logo Misuse
Logo Misuse

Using logo mark or word mark only

Do not separate the word mark from the full logo.

Logo Misuse

Altering the opacity

The ODU signature should be used at 100% opacity.

Logo Misuse

Altering the color

Use only the approved options for the ODU signature.

Logo Misuse
Logo Misuse

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