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Advertising, Marketing, and Collateral

All advertising, regardless of medium, that will include graphic representation of the university and/or will use university trademarks must be approved by Strategic Communications and Marketing to ensure compliance with identity standards and brand messaging. The department has oversight of all advertising content, planned placement and purchase of ads (except for "help wanted" ads).

Under the direction of Strategic Communications and Marketing, the initiating department is responsible for ensuring that an advertisement:

  • Reflects the University's programs and services accurately;
  • Communicates the University's brand clearly and consistently;
  • Contributes positively to the University's public perception;
  • Meets the University's high standards of professional quality in layout and presentation of content;
  • Is placed in media that assures impact commensurate to the cost and appears in media outlets appropriate to intended audiences.

Departments may request ad design and copywriting assistance from the Department of Strategic Communications and Marketing to meet the general standards set forth above.

To request advertising assistance or to submit an ad for approval, please contact Lisa Jones.

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