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Master Advisor Program

Master Advisor Program Mission Statement

In keeping with the Old Dominion University Undergraduate Advising Mission Statement and Goals (as published in the Undergraduate Catalog), assist faculty in developing the skills and perspectives needed to successfully teach students how to achieve their academic and career goals. The program has three learning objectives:

  • Understand that advising is teaching
  • Ability to explain how advising is teaching
  • Understand the importance of advising as a retention tool
  • Develop the skills and perspectives needed to serve as a mentor to undergraduate students
  • Understand the communication processes in relation to student development theory
  • Develop the ability to assist students in their academic and career planning
  • Understand the curricular planning process to meet graduation requirements
  • Understand the needs of different student populations
  • Learn how to navigate and find University information in printed an online formats
  • Demonstrate use of LEO ONLINE and DegreeWorks
  • Possess knowledge of the services available to students and the basic referral process

Master Advisor Program Completion

Master Advisor Re-certification Graduates

Congratulations to the Re-certification Master Advisor graduates!

Tania Alvarez, Tanisha Bradley, Doug Brown, Michelle Carpenter, Kimberlie Cochran, Kirk Dewyea, Frances Dolloph, Connie Estep, Katie Ferrara, Elaine Hardin, Jennifer Hudson, Anne Marie Kopitze, Ellen McClintock, Jessica McGee, Jeb Midyette, Wayne Mitchell, Morgan Morrison, Catherine Moss, Kimberly Oakes, Stacey Parks, Jacob Tousignaut, Beth Truax-Armstrong, Leanne White, Mirta Williams.

Master Advisor Program Graduates

First Name Last Name Office/Department (at time of program completion)
Elena Agaragimova Office of Intercultural Relations
Arwa Alaorini Graduate Student
Tania Alvarez Advising and Transfer Programs
Crystal Anderson Advising and Transfer Programs
Judith Araman Distance Learning
Robert Batchelder Teacher Education Services
Kimberly Bellamy Graduate Student
James Bogert Bangor and Everett WA site
Tanisha Bradley Graduate Student
Brooke Brown Advising and Transfer Programs
Brown Distance Learning
Leigh Butler
Teacher Education Services, Darden College of Education and Professional Studies
Sarah Carl Graduate Student (Honors College)
Jane Carlson Distance Learning
Carpenter Marketing (Strome College of Business)
Cigularova Virginia Beach Higher Education Center
Brianna Clark Graduate Student (Center for Major Exploration)
Kimberlie Cochran Distance Learning
Nancy Collins Distance Learning
Colwell Center for Major Exploration
Sharon Conaway Virginia Beach Higher Education Center
Billie Cook Advising and Transfer Programs
Pamela Cornell Center for Major Exploration
John Costanzo Virginia Beach Higher Education Center
Erin Cousins Intercollegiate Athletics
Charles Crawford Residence Life
Robert Curry Distance Learning
Kyle Danzey Graduate Student (A&L Advising Center)
Elaine Darden Distance Learning
Chris Davis Office of the Registrar
Lindsay Davis Teacher Education Services (Darden College of Education and Professional Studies)
Kirk Dewyea Distance Learning
Elisabeth Dickie Educational Accessibility
Katherine Dolan Graduate Student
Frances Dolloph Distance Learning
Maria Doran Graduate Student (Advising and Transfer Programs)
Darryl Draper Occupational and Technical Studies
Kristin Eden Athletics
Kaitlyn Errington Graduate Student (Advising and Transfer Programs)
Beth Esinhart IDS Teacher Preparation/Pre-Law
Connie Estep Distance Learning
Karenia Ferguson Graduate Student
Katie Ferrara Health Sciences
Beverly Forbes Career Management Center
Lisa Fukui Distance Learning
Ruth Galleos Distance Learning
Kentoya Garcia Distance Learning
Adrienne Giles College of Sciences Advising Center
Ed Gomez Recreation and Tourism Studies
Amanda Griffin New Student and Parent Programs
Andrew Grizzard Mane Connect Success Coaching and Center for Major Exploration
Hannah Guarino Distance Learning
Randy Haddock Engineering Fundamentals Division
Crystal Hamilton Graduate Student
Adam Hanson Strome College of Business
Elaine Hardin Distance Learning
Matthew Hart Distance Learning
Fran Hassencahl Communication (College of Arts and Letters)
Shelia Haqq Health Center
Carla Harrell Communication (College of Arts and Letters)
Krista Harrell-Blair Graduate Student
Janice Hawkins Department of Nursing
Florence Hayes-Addision Distance Learning
Kimberly Herbert College of Sciences Advisnig Center
Diana Hernandez Student Support Services
Pamela Hilke Graduate Student
Courtney Hill College of Sciences Advisnig Center
Regenia Hill Distance Learning
Mareena Hill-Bartos Distance Learning
Robert Hoffman Distance Learning
Jennifer Hudson Distance Learning
Hunt Dentaly Hygiene (College of Health Sciences)
Melody Iannone Career Development Services
Katherine Jackson Department of English
Jasmine Jackson Graduate Student
Jhaakire Jacobs Graduate Student
Ashley Jarrett Graduate Student
Lenora Jennings Graduate Student
Tammey Johnson IDS-Teacher Prep
Liza King Distance Learning
Ann Kopitzke College of Health Sciences
Keith Krepcho Health Sciences
Deanna Kroner Distance Learning
Brian Kurisky Academic Initiatives
Distance Learning
Andrew Leask International Studies
Judy Luedtke New Student and Family Programs
Angela Luttel Admissions
Sharon Lycett Distance Learning
Nakia Madry-Smith Peninsula Higher Education Center
Mary Magerkorth Distance Learning
Anna Makhorkina
Peninsula Higher Education Center
Grace Mahin Strome College of Business
Sharon Martin
Distance Learning
Trey Mayo Modeling and Simulation
Meredith McCall Athletics
Ellen McClintock Regional Higher Education Center
Joshua McGarry Graduate Student (Honors College)
Jessica McGee Graduate Student (Honors College)
David McMillan Distance Learning
LaShay McQueen Mane Connect Success Coaching and Center for Major Exploration
David Metzger Honors College
Barry Miller Higher Education Centers
Martha Miller Distance Learning
Michele Mitchell IDS-Teacher Preparation
Wayne Mitchell
Distance Learning
Megan Mize Academic Initiatives
Moore Graduate Student
Connie Morgan Peninsula Higher Education Center
Katelyn Morrill Graduate Student (Advisng and Transfer Programs)
Morgan Morrison Advising and Transfer Programs
Suzanne Morrow Psychology
Catherine Moss Advising and Transfer Programs
Laura Nazario Mane Connect Success Coaching
Kyle Nicholas Communications
Nola Nicholson Teacher Education Services
Susan Nottingham Higher Education Centers
Kimberly Oakes Mane Connect Success Coaching
Anna Parker Distance Learning
Colleen Parker History (College of Arts and Letters)
Stacey Parks Women's Studies
Bridget Prince Education
Jose Ramos Center for Major Exploration
Elizabeth Rasnick Strome College of Business
Reshaud Rich Peer Mentor (Academic Enhancement)
Christine Ricks Advising and Transfer Programs
Joe Ritchie Advising and Transfer Programs
Shelley Rodrigo English
Jose Roman Peninsula Higher Education Center
Chantel Ross Virginia Beach Higher Education Center
Ethan Ross Graduate Student (Honors College)
Victoria Sager Distance Learning
Lisa Sansone Distance Learning
Pietro Sasso Graduate Student
Gloria Savage-Early Distance Learning
Louise Schatz Distance Learning
Duane Sharpe Distance Learning
Brittany Shearer College of Sciences
Jewel Sheperd Health Sciences
Kim Sibson Batten College of Engineering and Technology
Kristina Simpkins Graduate Student (Strome College of Business)
Jelisa Sinn-Braswell Graduate Student
Nnamdi Small Distance Learning
Rachel Spence Study Abroad
Thomas Socha Communications
Ann Sorensen Distance Learning
Sharon Stull Dental Hygiene
Elizabeth Teller Strome College of Business
Denise Thillet Center for Major Exploration
Scott Thomas Mane Connect Success Coaching and Center for Major Exploration
Alfredo Torres Graduate Student
Jeffery Toussaint Criminal Justice
Jacob Tousignaut Health Sciences
Bethany Truax Armstrong
Health Sciences
Jennifer Usis Strome College of Business
Kristy Valentin Strome College of Business
Lauren Varboncoeur Graduate Student
Joshua Wallach Chemistry (College of Sciences)
Lynn Waltz Peninsula Higher Education Center
Sherri Watson Center for Major Exploration
Roberto Westbrook Office of the Registrar
Terri Wheaton Distance Learning
Leanne White
College of Health Sciences
Mirta Williams Advising and Transfer Programs
Eunice Wine Distance Learning
Ronald Woodard Distance Learning
Jennifer Younkin Psychology (College of Sciences)
Wie Yusuf Public Service (Strome College of Business)

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