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Utility Marking for Events

Utility Markings for University Events

This policy is only for events. Utility marking for digging related to construction or maintenance work is governed by the general Utility Marking Policy.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that below ground assets of the University, specifically fiber optic, irrigation and electrical lines are protected during events from the staking of tents and amusements, driving grounding stakes or driving on turf*.

*Driving on turf only allowed with special permission by Facilities Management Director, per University Policy 3230.

Procedure to request utility marking for events:

  1. Requestors of events will follow the Facilities Management Event Support process and submit the request form for marking utilities.
    1. Depending on location and type of request, Leadership and Student Involvement (LSI) and/or the Recreation & Wellness Center's Facility & Event Operations may be involved.
  2. Facilities Management and ITS will determine if utility marking is required and, if so, will mark for power, irrigation and fiber optic lines by utilizing the following colors:
    1. Electrical - Red
    2. Fiber Optic - Orange
    3. Irrigation - violet or purple (may be painted lines or flags)
  3. Requestors of event shall provide the following information to their vendors prior to their setting up for events:
    1. Fiber Optic - Orange - no staking within 5 feet of a marked line
    2. Electrical - Red - no staking within 3 feet of a marked line
    3. Irrigation - violet/purple - no staking/driving within 3 feet of a marked line

Organizations will be responsible for:

  • Notifying vendors that they may not drive stakes or similar items w/in 5' of either side of a marked utility.
  • Costs to repair damages to marked utilities if they or their vendors are found to have violated this policy.

Costs / Charges:

There will be charges associated with having a site marked: (all rates subject to change)

  • Vendor charges (vary)
  • ITS charges $47.50/hr for marking telco/fiber
  • Irrigation marking rate is $55/hr.

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