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Utility Marking

General Utility Marking (for Construction/Maintenance)

The campus has a variety of fiber, gas, electrical, irrigation, and other underground utilities that must be protected. It is the requestor's responsibility to inform all related parties of this requirement. The FMC Utility Marking procedure establishes the process for the marking of underground utilities (e.g. electrical, sewer, water, irrigation, pedestrian lighting, telecom/fiber, etc.).

The following information will have to be provided in order submit a request for marking a site:

  • Describe the reason for the request
  • Describe (in detail) the location of the request. Include the nearest street intersection.
  • Note the date when the marking should be completed
  • Attach a map or sketch of the area to be marked

Please note: Utility marking is only as good as record drawings. Marking company and/or FMC are not responsible for inaccurate utility drawings or resulting mismarked utilities.

Required lead times for marking support requests:

3 days

Utility Marking Company

Notice required 72 hours before work is to begin

3 Days

Miss Utility

Notice required 72 hours before work is to begin

7 Days


ODU Facilities Management requires 1 week notice

7 Days


ODU Information Technology Services requires 1 week notice

Procedure to request general utility marking:

In order to request that utilities be marked on the ODU campus (including Virginia Beach Higher Education Center, Tri Cities/VMASC) the REQUESTOR must take the following steps:

1.) Contact a private utility marking company.

Two currently available SWAM vendors:

This will cover ODU owned utilities:

  • Includes: Water, Electric, Gas, and Sewer
  • DOES NOT Include: Irrigation and Telecom/fiber optic lines

Requestor is responsible for:

  • Verifying vendor information (vendor is still SWAM, will take credit card, etc.)
  • Vendor has received request and can respond in required timeframe
  • Providing vendor with current utility drawing as necessary. For those without access to digital library, contact Facilities Management.

2.) Contact Miss Utility

Miss Utility: (811 or 1-800-552-7001)

This will cover all non-ODU owned utilities (Dominion Power, Virginia Natural Gas, Cox Cable, HRSD, city water and sewer, Verizon, etc.

4.) For irrigation marking, submit an ODU work order

You can submit an ODU work order via FM:Systems maintenance work order system.

5.) Request As-Built sketch of utilities found

Request an As-Built sketch of utilities found and send a copy to Facilities Management maintenancesupport@odu.edu (please include work order # if applicable).

6.) If excavations impact any Athletics' areas, contact Athletics

For excavations impacting any Athletics' areas, contact the Athletics Department

  • Greg Smith - (757) 683-6026
  • Rick French - (757) 683-4235

Costs / Charges:

There will be charges associated with having a site marked: (all rates subject to change)

  • Vendor charges (vary)
  • ITS charges $47.50/hr for marking telco/fiber
  • Irrigation marking rate is $55/hr.

Utility Marking for University Events

Event utility marking is required to ensure that University utilities are protected from the staking of tents and amusements, driving grounding stakes or other specially permitted event activities.

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