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Building Access:Keys

Requesting Keys and Card Access

ODU Facilities Management is entrusted with the vital task of protecting the security of the Monarch community and property through the secure regulation of keys. For safety reasons, most campus facilities are kept locked by traditional metal keys and/or prox cards.

The process to request physical metal keys or electronic access using your ODU ID card for offices, certain building entrances, and building masters is completely done ONLINE! Paper forms for key requests are not accepted.

Request Door Access

Need Help?

Additional Information

Need access for students, vendors, groups?

Need to serve as a sponsor or have another special use case? We can help. Please contact dooraccess@odu.edu and let us know how!

Leaving the University?

If you are transferring jobs, leaving the university, or otherwise no longer need your keys, please return them directly to Facilities Management to avoid a charge.

Need Admin Access?

If you are an administrator who needs to regularly request access on behalf of other employees, students, or vendors that you do not supervise, you may request admin access.

Key Holder's Agreement

All keyholders are expected to sign and abide by the following agreement:

  1. I understand that I have been issued the above listed key(s) on a temporary basis for use in the performance of my duties, job, or position and that I am personally responsible and accountable for the security and safekeeping of such key(s).

  2. I understand that key(s) issued to me will not be loaned to others and will not be duplicated under any circumstances.

  3. I will return all keys to the Facilities Management office upon my transfer or termination.

  4. I understand there will be a charge for each lost key.

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