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Outdoor Event Support & Permits

Follow this process to request outdoor event support and/or tent/stage/amusement permits:

1. Plan the Event

  • Plan the event in a timely manner to ensure it can be properly supported, required staff scheduled, and permits, if necessary, can be obtained.
  • Events that will have tents, stages, or inflatables/amusements must have all documentation submitted at least 4 weeks in advance of the intended event date.
  • Go to STEP 2, below.

NOTE: Information on All tents, stages, and inflatables/amusements must be submitted, per the instructions below. Even though not all tents, stages and inflatables/amusements need a permit - Facilities Management must determine if any underground utilities (gas and electricity lines for example) might be impacted by an event.

2. Reserve Space on Campus

First, reserve your space on campus with the appropriate department, depending on the location of the event.

On Kaufman Mall:

SET Event Management

All other outdoor locations:

Recreation & Wellness

  • Go to STEP 3, below.

3. Facilities Management Event Support

If your event does not have a tent, stage/riser, and/or inflatable/amusement go on to Step 4, otherwise:

First - if there will be a tent, stage/riser, and/or inflatable/amusement involved in event, then open appropriate form(s) below - all that apply to your event - and work with your vendor(s) (the fields shaded in blue) to complete:

Tent Form

Stage Form (If using an ODU stage/riser and ramp - only the site and stage layouts are needed. If using a third-party vendor - all required documentation must be submitted.)

Inflatables and Amusements Form

Requirements for the Certificate of Insurance (COI) form can be found here.

Second - For events with tents/stages/amusements - Once you have completed all the fields on the required form(s) AND only once you have ALL the required documentation, as noted on the above form(s)... fill out and submit Kuali Outdoor Event Form below, item 4), below

Certificate of Insurance (COI)

The University now requires that a Certificate of Insurance (COI) form and Endorsement form:

  1. a. The insurer must directly email the COI and Endorsement forms to risk@odu.edu<mailto:risk@odu.edu> and CC: rlemoal@odu.edu<mailto:risk@odu.edu>, and the event organizer
    b. The insurer must include the name of the event and the date(s) of the event in the Subject line of the email
  2. a. The insurer must directly email the COI and Endorsement forms to risk@odu.edu and CC: rlemoal@odu.edu and the event organizer
    b. They must include the name of the event and the date(s) of the event in the Subject line of the mail

Certificate of Insurance (COI) Form requirements:

  • Revised COI minimums are now:
    • General Liability - $1,000,000
    • NEW - Automobile Liability - $1,000,000-ONLY required if students, staff and/or faculty will be riding in vehicle
    • NEW - Workers Comp, Employer's liability - $500,000, $500,000, $500,000
    • Umbrella Liability - ONLY in the case of larger, motorized items, such as a Ferris Wheel or a merry-go-round - $3,000,000 - $5,000,000 ($5M preferred)

See example of a correct COI form

Endorsement Form requirements:

  • The endorsement form should be filled out as:
    • Name field: Old Dominion University and the Commonwealth of Virginia
    • Location field: ODU and the Commonwealth of Virginia, Rollins Hall, 5215 Hampton Blvd.R, Norfolk, VA 23508

See example of a correct Endorsement Form

4. Outdoor Event Support Form

Click on link, below, fill out fields, and attach any required documents.

recfest-9 Outdoor Support Form

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Utility Marking for Events

Utility Marking for Events

View Policy

Stakes shall not be driven within 5 ft. of a utility marking to protect campus utilities. Event sponsors must inform vendors of this policy.

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Weddings on Campus

Weddings on Campus

View Policy

Contract & procedure for outdoor weddings wishing to be held on Old Dominion University campus at Rollins Hall.

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Facility Permit Process

Tent, Stage & Amusement Permits

View Policy PDF

This governing document provides a detailed overview of the event permit request process for Facilities Management employees and requestors to adhere to.

Tent, Stage & Amusement Device Permits

Any group or organization seeking to use tents, stages and/or amusement devices (inflatables, rides, etc.) on campus must request a permit. This ensures that all Commonwealth requirements and University policies are met, and that the University's infrastructure is protected.

Permit Requirements

Virginia state law requires that permit requirements be met prior to rental. The main requirements are:

  • CO 17-TMP Permit from the Bureau of Capital Outlay Management (BCOM)
  • Tent Inspections - by State Fire Marshall or designee (Risk Management)
  • Amusement Device Inspection - by Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) inspector

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