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Event Management:Policies & Protocol

Contracts, Policies, Procedures & Insurance


A. Student organizations requesting alcohol at any event must follow the policy governing permissible student events at which alcohol is served (in student organization handbook).

B. In order to serve alcohol at an event, you need to fill out a Student Organizations Events with Alcohol Request via Monarch Groups. The form must be submitted at least seven days prior to the event. The event must comply with the Alcohol Policies, and SGA funding cannot be used to purchase alcohol.

Amplified Sound

  1. Amplified sound can only be played inside Webb Center during Activity Hour (Tuesday/Thursday from 12:30pm-1:30pm) and after 5pm.
  2. Kaufman Mall - Sound amplification is restricted to Activity Hour (12:30-1:30 PM) Tuesdays and Thursdays and after 4 PM on Friday through Sunday at 10pm. Friday and Saturday nights no amplified sound after 11pm due to City of Norfolk Noise Ordinance.
  3. Perry Library/ Engineering Field - No sound amplification at all allowed.
  4. Any amplified music in public spaces MUST adhere to FCC Guidelines and be "radio" friendly versions.

Animal Events

  1. Events with animals must be sponsored by an officially recognized and licensed business or animal shelter. No events using personal animals allowed. There must be tarp laid down. Animals are not allowed on the stage and must be away from food.
  2. Must have Executive Director's approval for animals.

Contractual Agreements

Student Organizations

Students may not sign contracts!

The ODU Standard Agreement is the only contract that may be used between the University and a service provider.

Student Organizations must bring the contract to Student Engagement & Traditions, 1071 Webb Center.

The performer or agent must sign the contract first. The student organization must bring the contract back to SET for signatures by a designated University official. Within 3-5 business days and the student organization will be notified to pick it up. The student organization must mail a fully executed contract to the performer or agent once all signatures have been obtained. Student Organizations should keep a copy of the contract for their files.

Allow at least 7 business days to complete these actions; however, the process could take up to 2 weeks. Please plan accordingly!

University Departments

Non-student organizations must follow University and Departmental policies regarding contracts. Please visit the Procurement office page for more information.

Film Screening Policy

Any copyrighted film (DVD, Blue-ray disc, streamed content, etc.) in any University facility, other than a private residence hall room, cannot be shown unless a public performance license to show the film is obtained or special permission from the owner of the copyright is received. This requirement is mandatory regardless whether or not an admittance fee is charged.

Licenses for most films can be obtained from either Swank Motion Pictures or Criterion Pictures, as they hold the rights for most major motion pictures studios. Currently licenses range from $300-$1000.

At least two weeks should be given to obtain a license. For information about how much individual films cost, SET staff can contact the licensing companies for you or you can reach out to them on your own. If you'd like SET to do it, please set@odu.edu. You can contact Swank Motion Pictures at 1-800-876-3344. For more information about Swank or what they provide, click here. You can contact Criterion Pictures at 1-800-890-9494. For more information about Criterion or what they provide, click here.

If you are interested in showing a documentary that's from an independent studio, the individual studio will need to be contacted directly. Sometimes they offer discounts to colleges or universities to show their films.

If you are interested in showing a movie for free that does not include a licensing fee, you are limited to the films in the public domain. Movies only enter the public domain when the copyright holder forgets or neglects to renew the copyright. This means the list is ever changing, however, they are mostly older films. If you're interested in learning more about the public domain, the Pratt Library has a great website with links to several resources to help you learn more and as well as find out if movies you're seeking are in the public domain. Click here to access it. Another great resource, the Moving Image Archive has made several movies from the public domain available to stream. Click here to see them.

The only exception to obtaining a license for a film not in the public domain, is the face-to-face teaching exemption. There are multiple, very specific requirements to meet that exemption. Read more about those in the FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What exactly is a public performance?

A public performance is the exhibition of a movie that is shown outside of someone's home. In the case of on campus, a private residence hall room is considered someone's home. However, all other on campus facilities, including residence hall community rooms, would not be considered someone's home and therefore are a public performance.

Who does copyright law apply to?

This law applies to everyone, regardless of:

  • Whether admission is charged.
  • Whether the institution is commercial or nonprofit.
  • Whether a federal, state or local agency is involved.
  • What year the movie was produced.

This means colleges, universities, public schools, public libraries, day care facilities, parks, recreation departments, summer camps, churches, private clubs, prisons, lodges, businesses and more all must properly license movies to show them publicly.

Do I need a license to show a movie for educational purposes? This activity is covered under the "Face-to-Face Teaching Exemption," right?

It depends. Under the "Face-to-Face Teaching Exemption," copyrighted movies may be shown in a college or university setting without copyright permission only if all criteria are met:

  • A teacher or instructor is present, engaged in face-to-face teaching activities.
  • The institution must be an accredited, nonprofit educational institution.
  • The showing takes place in a classroom setting with only the enrolled students attending.
  • The movie is used as an essential part of the core, required curriculum being taught. (The instructor should be able to show how the use of the motion picture contributes to the overall required course study and syllabus.)
  • The movie being used is a legitimate copy, not taped from a legitimate copy or taped from TV.

This means the "Face-to-Face Teaching Exemption" does not apply outside the nonprofit, in-person, classroom teaching environment. It doesn't apply to movies shown online - even if they're part of course-related activities and websites. It also doesn't apply to interactions that are not in-person - even simultaneous distance learning interactions. It also doesn't apply anytime students not enrolled in the course are admitted to the viewing.

For specific requirements, please reference The Copyright Act of 1976, Public Law No. 94-553, 90 stat 2541: Title 17; Section 110(i), or consult your copyright attorney.

Who can provide me with the proper licensing?

Licensing companies own rights to movies based on production companies. So, only Swank can provide the necessary licensing to show films on your campus on behalf of the studios they cover. The same is true for Criterion. A few smaller studios choose to handle their own licenses like Icarus films, Women Make Movies, Films for the Humanities & Sciences, Kino International and Milestone Films. Typically independent and documentary filmmakers also hold onto their own rights as well.

What happens to those who violate copyright law?

Motion picture companies can and will go to court to ensure their copyrights are not violated. Those convicted could face embarrassing publicity, up to five years in prison and fines ranging up to $250,000.

Do we need a license even if we don't charge admission? What if someone owns the movie?

Yes. A license is required for all public performances regardless of whether admission is charged. The rental, purchase, lending or download of a movie does not provide the right to exhibit it publicly outside the home unless the screening is properly licensed.

Who's responsible if a film is shown without a license?

Anyone involved with the public performance of copyrighted material could be implicated.

If I purchased a license to show a movie, can I show that movie whenever I want?

Unfortunately, no. Licenses are valid for a specific, designated time frame. There are no annual licenses available to colleges and universities.

A small group is having an informal gathering in our facility. Do we still need a license?

Yes. A license needs to be obtained regardless of the number of people attending the screening if the movie is being shown outside the home.

What if I want to show a TV show?

Copyright law applies the same for TV shows as it does for movies. All public performances require a license. Most TV shows are available from the television studio who released it, but some are not. For this reason, some TV shows are much more difficult to get the rights for. We recommend contacting Student Engagement & Traditions directly when inquiring about a TV show as soon as you know this is a possibility because it will likely take more time.

What if I want to show Netflix Original content?

A few Netflix originals have been made available for free for educational purposes. By accessing their media page and searching for the title you are interested in, you can determine if Netflix provides any information about an educational release. For an example of what you're looking for, Thirteenth has an exemption from Netflix and by searching that title you can get an idea of what to look for. It's also possible that a TV show or movie available via Netflix was produced by a studio that Swank or Criterion hold the rights for. Please get in touch with Student Engagement & Traditions if you have questions or need assistance seeking out a particular title.

This is a lot of information. I'm confused and overwhelmed.

We agree. It's a lot of information, but Student Engagement & Traditions is here to help. Please get in touch with us as soon as you know you're thinking about screening a movie or TV show and we'll do our best to help you. You can stop by our office, email us at set@odu.edu or call 757.683.3446.

Thanks to the Swank Motion Pictures for FAQ assistance. https://www.swank.com/college-campus.

Food & Catering, Contests

I. All catering, food and beverage must be provided by Monarch Dining (Aramark).

II. There are limited number of Outside Caterer/ Restaurant waivers available for events on campus. Groups must submit an application (available from Monarch Dining) and meet all requirements. The application must include the outside Caterer/ Restaurant application, the Outside Caterer/ Restaurant Waiver Policy and well as the Outside Caterer/ Restaurant Guidelines. Monarch Dining approves will notify group if approved or denied.

III. Fundraisers/ Sales - No bake sales, candy, sales, donut sales, food sales, etc. are allowed on campus. Groups can choose to purchase pre-packaged product from Monarch Dining for sales. No sales are allowed from stores or vendors outside Monarch Dining.

IV. Homemade and Baked Goods give-aways or sales are not permitted on campus. The one exception is Relay for Life once a year. Homemade food can be made and sold at that event. There are no other exceptions.

V. Donated Food - Groups can accept food donations to be given away at events ONLY if meet two criteria: a. donated by restaurant or b. donated by business or store and therefore prepackaged. However donated food events cannot be "sponsored" by these outside entities so there can be no signage, named sponsored event advertising, and/or no on-site advertising. It must be a philanthropic donation and noted on space reservation as such.

VI. Brown Bag Lunch events are allowed and approved through space reservation requests.

VII. Potlucks are not allowed in reserved spaces on campus.

VIII. Food Eating contests are prohibited.

IX. Outdoor Grills - outdoor grills around campus are allowed for personal use. Groups can reserve spaces with grills but can only use them if closed meeting or for only group members. No group can reserve outdoor grills and cook food for open event or invited students outside of their organization.

X. Table Cloths - If table clothes are desired for an event, they can be added to Catertrax order at $5 each. Blue and White are colors available or special colors by notice one month out only. If you are having catering at your event, you must request table cloths through Catertrax. If you are not having food at your event and would like table cloths, then you can reserve them through SET Scheduling.

Free Speech Demonstrations

  1. The university affirms the right to examine and discuss all questions of interest and to express opinions publicly and privately. Members of the University community should always be free to support causes by orderly means that do not disrupt the regular and essential operations of the institution. This form can be used to reserve outside space for Free Speech purposes. While all indoor space has to be reserved by a sponsoring student organization or department, outside space for the purpose of Free Speech can be reserved and sponsored by individual students to express a viewpoint. Students or organizations sponsoring Free Speech events must be present and at the event during time reserved.


ODU Student Organization Gambling Policy as stated in the Virginia Code 18.2-325: "Illegal gambling" means the making, placing or receipt, of any bet or wager in this Commonwealth of money or other thing of value, made in exchange for a chance to win a prize, stake or other consideration or thing of value, dependent upon the result of any game, contest or any other event the outcome of which is uncertain or a matter of chance, whether such game, contest or event, occurs or is to occur inside or outside the limits of this Commonwealth.

Nothing in this article shall apply to any bingo game, instant bingo, raffle, or duck race conducted solely by organizations as defined in § 18.2-340.16 which have received a permit as set forth in § 18.2-340.25, or which are exempt from the permit requirement under § 18.2-340.23. 27 (link)

Therefore, 1. Poker, Card Games, or other casino-type games that have a cash entry are illegal and not permitted to be conducted on campus. Casino nights can absolutely not be used as fundraisers. 2. Casino Nights, Poker, Card Games or other casino-type games can be played on campus and hosted by student organizations only if there is no money charged the player to buy-in, donate, stake, etc. 3. The only games of chance allowed to charge a fee of participants are raffles, bingo, and duck races (as long as proceeds are less than $25,000). A fundraising form must be filled out by the Student Organization and approved by SET.

General Liability Insurance

General Liability Insurance is required for non-University groups and must include ODU as a named insured and have the following minimum limits and coverage: $1,000,000 for personal injury to or death of any one person, or more than one person, as a result of any one accident or disaster, and include coverage for property damage and medical payments. The certificate of insurance is due to the space reservation office prior to a reservation being confirmed

Inclement Weather Procedures

During times of inclement weather it is necessary for the university to close facilities and curtail services. When the university announces an official closure, late opening or cancellation of academic classes then all events are cancelled.

University leadership is responsible for making official decisions regarding changes in campus operations, including on weekends. When conditions exist that have not prompted the University to officially close but may pose a risk to certain operational areas, building coordinators (or responsible decision-makers for the facility) will make independent weather decisions regarding events in their facility. The building coordinator (or responsible decision maker for the facility) is responsible to apply the same process as weekdays, seeking input of necessary support services, facilitating applicable notifications, and making reinstatement decisions if requested and with the safety of all in mind.

All outdoor events are encouraged to reserve a rain-site at the time of the reservation. Rain-sites will not be provided the day of an event.

Rain location policy: If you are planning an ourdoor event, you are allowed to reserve indoor space for a rain location either on the same date OR a different date, but only one. Rain calls for outside space must be made by noon, the working day prior to the event.

University Policy 1020

Off Campus Speakers

Refer to Contractual Agreements

Open Burn Policy

Open-air flames including but not limited to sky lanterns, grills (except as noted below), and bonfires are not permitted on campus. Candles are permitted for outdoor events only, candles are prohibited in all University buildings.

Grilling is only permitted using University grills which are located at Whitehurst Beach, Rogers Hall, the University Village and Powhatan Apartments or during Athletic tailgating events and then only in designated tailgating areas. Gas grills are restricted to 10 gallon propane tanks (except for University contracted catering services) and are only allowed for use in designated tailgating areas. Propane (except for service vehicles), charcoal and lighter fluid shall not be stored on campus.


Resources are provided throughout academic and administrative buildings on property owned or leased by the University for the purpose of posting or displaying information relevant to the mission of the University. These resources will be maintained by department heads or their designees located in the areas where they reside. Affixing items to doors, entrances, windows, building exteriors, or interiors (except as noted above), benches, poles or placing flyers on vehicles is prohibited and these items will be removed.

University Policy 3200

Webb Center posting are approved at Student Engagement & Traditions.

All postings (including postings for student organizations and departments) must have a contact name and phone number/email.

Advertisements can make no reference to alcohol beverages or their availability. Beverage prices cannot be included nor can the term "Happy Hour" be utilized. In compliance with the university alcohol guidelines, publicity for the event must list identification (i.e. driver's license, ODU ID, etc.) required to attend the function.

Webb Center

Webb Center Bulletin boards are provided for the posting of signs, papers, posters, advertisements, etc. and are subject to the following regulations:

  • There will be only one "For Sale" flyer authorized and it is to go on the For Sale board only located in the Webb Center. "For Rent" may be posted on the same board, however, you may post additional "For Rent" flyers on the other boards.
  • Student Organizations and University Departments are limited to 4 flyers about events, job opportunities, and other information on the Webb Center bulletin boards. The maximum approval time is 14 days, or the day after the event, whichever comes first. Flyers for the bulletin boards should not exceed 11" x 17".
  • Signs may not exceed 6 feet in length and 3 feet in width for events. For non-events, signs may not exceed 3 feet in length and 3 feet in width. No organization or department may post more than two signs for each event in the North Cafeteria, and two signs in South Mall. Postings are limited to 24 ft. of paper regardless of where signs are posted. Non-event announcements must be from an organization, not an individual.
  • Personal announcements (such as birthdays, congratulations, and other personal announcements) may be hung up for one day. All other panels in the North Cafeteria are restricted to student organizations for up to two weeks.
  • Organizations/departments may post professional made signs on the catwalk in the South Mall. Six banners per side are allowed. Banners are not to exceed 6 feet in length. Banners may be hung for no longer than two weeks. The organization/department is responsible for hanging and removing banners and a Webb Center Space Reservation Form must be filled out and submitted to SET Scheduling prior to the banner being hung.
  • Table tents for individual events may be placed on cafeteria tables for 1 day. The department/organization must remove them by the end of the day. A Webb Center Space Reservation Form must be filled out and submitted to SET Scheduling prior to the table tents being placed.

Yard Signs

Approval must be requested to the Office of Facilities Management via a work order. (odu.edu/md)

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are not permitted as a timed event and are not permitted as an event that has a prize.

Event Types & Resources

Event Types

Event Types

  1. Events and programs are gatherings of people for a common purpose and may require multiple logistical requirements such as a podium, amplified sound, audio/visual needs, catering, etc.
  2. Meetings/informational tables are gatherings of people and require minimal set-up with only tables and chairs.

Type of Event

Type A - This type of event is a seated event and the set-up is usually banquet rounds or auditorium style. Examples of this type of event include dinners, banquets, and award ceremonies. There is no admission charged for these types of events.

Type B - This type of event is a seated event for spectating and the set-up is usually banquet rounds or auditorium style. Examples of this type of event include speaker/ performance, pageants, and fashions shows. There can be an admission charged or no admission charged.

Type C - This type of event is a combination style event, with guests in a combination of seated or activity stations. At this event, the guests actually participate in activities. The set up usually consists of part of the room being seated, part of the room at tables doing different events. Examples of this type of event include Friday Night Lives, Service events, or events that have different activities.

Type D - This type of event is a standing/ dancing event and the set-up is usually a cleared floor. Examples of this type of event include Nighttime Activity Hours, Block Parties, and concerts. There is no admission charged. For Type D events, sponsoring organization must adhere to the Night Party/ Dance Events policies and procedures.

Type E - This type of event is a standing/ dancing event and the set-up is usually a cleared floor. Examples of this type of event include Webb Jams and concerts. There is usually an admission charged. For Type E events, sponsoring organization must adhere to the Night Party/ Dance Events policies and procedures.

Type F - This type of event is a formal dancing event, or catered dinner followed by dancing event and the set up usually includes a cleared floor. Example of this type of event is Formals or Galas for student organizations. There can be an admission charged or no admission charged. Type F events are only open to the sponsoring organization's members and their guests. Type F events must have a ratio of one ODU student organization member for each guest. The roster for student organization membership will be pulled from Monarch Groups.

Table Type of Event


Charging Cash at Door # of Officers Organization Cost


< 500





> 500



SET covers cost


Less than 500



SET covers cost


Greater than 500



$38/ hour for one officer


Less than 500





Greater than 500



SET covers cost


Less than 500



SET covers cost


Greater than 500



$38/ hour for one officer


Less than 500





Greater than 500



SET covers cost


Less than 500



SET covers cost


Greater than 500



$38/ hour for one officer





SET covers cost


500 or less

Yes or No





Yes or No





Yes or No





Yes or No





Yes or No


$38/ hour for one officer






1000 +




< 500




> 500



Fundraising/Donation Drives

Student Organization Fundraising

Food may not be sold on campus under any circumstances. Contact the University Dining Services at 683-4691 for more information.

The organizations must have their name on all advertising, including at the site of the event, on the registration form and all raffle tickets.

If you have questions about fundraising best practices please contact Student Engagement & Traditions at set@odu.edu.

Webb Center Donation Drives

These policies apply only to donation drives held in the Webb Center. Approval to hold a drive in other areas of the campus (academic or residential buildings) must be obtained from the corresponding office.

Only one type of drive is allowed during an allotted time period (i.e. two food drives cannot occur at the same time) and a maximum of two drives total are allowed at the same time. Drives can be held for a maximum of three weeks.

Only bins supplied by the Center for Service & Civic Engagement (CSCE) should be used (max. 2). Any other bins/boxes will be removed and thrown away by Housekeeping. CSCE bins may only be removed from the Webb Center with express written permission and must be returned at the conclusion of the event.

Bins shall be placed in the requested and approved locations. The requestor must supply flyers to post on the bins that list: their name, the name of the drive (if any), the items being collected, the start and end dates of the drive, and the agency receiving donations.

Bins must be checked daily and be emptied of trash or debris that is not part of the drive. The bins can hold drive items (clothes, food, etc) for the duration of the drive as long as the bin is not overflowing.

All donated items must be removed from the bins and the bins must be returned to the CSCE within 24 hours of the end of the drive. All items not collected within 48 hours will be donated to the charity of the CSCE's choosing.

Failure to follow any of these policies will result in the sponsoring organization/department losing privileges to hold drives in the Webb Center for two academic years

Outdoor Event Clean-Up

Clean-up by Facilities Management will be assigned to an event if there is food at the event or if more than 50 people are anticipated to attend the event. Trashcans will be assigned at a ratio of one can per fifty people. Departments and community events will be required to pay for these services. Student Organization events with over 250 people will be required to pay for the additional services; the University will pay the costs up to 250 people.

**The scheduling department and/or Dean of Students may, in his or her sole discretion, require a greater number of event clean-up resources than stated above.

Outdoor Event Costs

Average Cost for a typical setup* Additional notes or requirements
Permit $150/item
Inspection $400 per device
Tables $50
Chairs $50
Recycling bins No charge for use of recycle bins
Set up/Take down outdoor stage $95
Set up podium $25
Flood lights (LED) $100 per flood light
Electrician $27/hour during routine hours, $40/hour during overtime Routine hours are M-F 7AM-3:30PM
Generator (portable) $25 per event, per generator for small generator, $50 per event, per generator for large generator Large generator is 6kw, small generator is 1-2kw
Hang a banner $30
Take down a banner $30
Trash cans No cost for cans to be rented. $0.50 per trash bag 2 bag minimum per can
Event cleanup $20/hour/person 2 hour minimum outside of M-F 7AM-3:30PM
Irrigation turned off $20/hour Usually will not exceed 1 hour
Tarp for an event $20 per 12x16 general purpose tarp TBD if needs exceed this
Mark Irrigation $20/hour/person Minimum 2 hours. Subject to contractor pricing if in house staff unavailable

*Actual cost varies by size of the setup. All costs provided are averages based on past events.

Outdoor Event Electricity

110 volt electrical power can be supported without cost to Student Organizations on the Runte Quad, Kaufman Mall, and the Whitehurst Beach Gazebo; charges may apply to other reservation groups. Additional electrical needs may be requested through the reservation process and a charge may apply including the use of generators, extension cords, and safety equipment for pedestrians.

Outdoor Event Resources (Tables, Tents, Stages, Amusements)

Tables and Chairs
Student organizations are permitted up to 5 tables and 10 chairs at no cost for outdoor events. Additional tables and chairs will result in a cost to the Student Organization.

University departments and private events are responsible for the full cost of tables, chairs, and delivery.

Tent, Stage, Amusement (Rides/Inflatables), and Other Event Support Services
Event tents, staging and amusements require a permit for use, therefore event reservations must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the event date. Completed requests will be evaluated by Facilities Management to determine whether a Commonwealth permit is required, suitability of item for the intended area and/or levels and type of support necessary to ensure the success of the event. More information is available at Permit Requirements

Outdoor Event Sidewalk/Road Closures

A space reservation must be submitted a minimum of one semester in advance for sidewalk/ road closures for an event through the Recreation and Wellness Department.

If the event is solely on campus sidewalks and/or crossing over streets leading into campus, i.e., Elkhorn Avenue, then a permit is not required by the City of Norfolk. However, ODU Police Officers are needed for high traffic areas. The number of Officers is determined with ODUPD based on the route.

If the event is closing roads then a permit from the City of Norfolk is required after the space reservation is confirmed with the Recreation and Wellness Department. The City of Norfolk contact is the Event Coordinator. ODU Police Officers are needed for road closures and the number of officers is determined with ODUDP based on the route.

Overnight Events

Student Organization overnight events extending beyond building operation hours into the next morning are only allowed in Webb Center and require confirmation of a space request.

Outdoor Student Organization Events

All Guidelines applies to student organization events with the addition of the following protocols. The following protocols do not pertain to University departments.

I. Brock Commons is only for University Department or Community Engagement events. Student Organizations are not permitted to host events at Brock Commons unless they serve as a co-sponsor to a University Department event. A University Department employee must serve as the point of contact for all communication and be available onsite for day of event needs.

II. All outdoor spaces must be sponsored and reserved by student organizations or University departments. Community requests must have a campus sponsor or be approved and managed by the Office of Community Engagement. A University employee must serve as the event's point of contact for all communication regarding the event with University event services including being onsite at the event.

III. The following outdoor event types must conclude by 7:00 p.m., Sunday - Saturday, for Student Organization events. University departments are permitted after 7:00 p.m. (see Event Management Protocol for further details.)

  • Festivals
  • Novelties
  • Concerts/music
  • Sporting events
  • Speakers/ performances
  • Informational tabling
  • Demonstrations

The following outdoor event types must conclude by noise ordinance policy:

  • Vigils
  • Outdoor movies

IV. Advisors - Advisors are required to be at complex events. A student organization event will be defined as "complex" at the discretion of Scheduling staff when the event includes two or more of the following items:

  1. Attendance (expected or historical) set at 100 or above

b.Audience includes community members (open event)

  1. Contracted Services (performance contract, etc.)

d.Advance Audio Visual Support/ Amplified Sound

e.Multiple work orders required (tables/ chairs, electrician, clean-up, etc)

V. Outdoor Event Security

In addition to the outdoor security matrix in the Event Management Protocol:

0 - 49, closed event 0 - 49, open event 50 - 249 250 - 500 500 - 1000 +1000
Informational Tabling No security required unless deemed by the scheduling office
Number of Police Officers for speakers, ceremonies, sporting events, etc.
0 1 1 1 1 2
Number of Police Officers for festivals, parties, carnivals, etc.
0 1 1 2 3 4

VI. The University covers the expense of one Officer for a maximum time of four hours when necessary. Student Organizations are responsible for additional security expenses.

VII. Department events are expected to have employed ODU faculty/ staff in attendance for the duration of the event.

VIII. Any activity that is deemed to pose serious security management concerns may not be held on campus.

IX. An EMT and ambulance may be required by the scheduling office for events with large attendance and/or the type of the event.

Night Party/Dance Events

Student Organization Night Party Events

  1. Night Party Events are social events hosted by student organizations that include Webb Jams, Nighttime Activity Hours, Block Parties, Dances, or other similar events. These night events typically fall into one of two categories: Free, social gatherings (Type D such as nighttime activity hours) and dances that serve as fundraisers (Type E such as Webb Jams).
  2. Reserving Space
    i. Student Organizations must reserve space to hold a night party event. The only space allowed for these events is North Cafeteria in Webb Center.
    ii. Student organization must reserve the space at least 21 days in advance.
    iii. Once space request is submitted, student organization must have a meeting with SET Scheduling staff to fill out and sign event checklist.
  3. General Conditions/Requirements for both Night Party Events (Nighttime Activity Hours and Webb Jams)
  1. SET Scheduling determines type of event.
  2. Student Organization Advisor (Faculty/Staff or Chapter) must be present for all late night events.
  3. Student organization must have volunteers to work during the entire time of event.
  4. Student Engagement & Traditions can be used to sell tickets in advance.
  5. Security will be required - SET and ODU PD to determine.
  6. SET Event Staff and full time staff member will be in attendance at event.
  7. No re-entry for any guests
  8. Once capacity is reached, no other guests allowed in. There will be no out/in policy (one guest leaves, and someone in line can get in).
  9. Ability to have up to 12 Nighttime Activity Hours/Webb Jams per academic year (6 per semester). The events are booked as first come, first served basis.
  10. Please see next section on specific protocol for these events.
  11. The University covers the security expenses for Nighttime Activity Hours. If an organization is utilizing a Webb Jam for a fundraising event then the organization is responsible for covering security expenses.

Nighttime Activity Hours/ Block parties (TYPE D):

  1. Nighttime Activity Hours can only occur Sunday - Thursday evenings until 11pm.
  2. Capacity is 500 for these events
  3. These events are only hosted in the North Café, are free of charge, and may not exceed 4 hours.
  4. Entrance will be into North Cafeteria from North Mall
  5. The University covers the security expenses for Nighttime Activity Hours. The organization is responsible for all other expenses.
  6. Student Engagement & Traditions t will provide at a minimum one staff member per event. The organization is responsible for providing event volunteers and SET will determine the number needed.
  7. Free tickets for non ODU college students are distributed at Student Engagement & Traditions with a limit of 100 non-ODU College tickets. Non-ODU College tickets will require a name to be recorded for the event entrance list and must match the ID at the door of the event to receive entry. Tickets will stop being sold at noon the day of the event.
  8. ODU Students must pick up a ticket at Student Engagement & Traditions and present the ticket at the event to receive entry to the event. No re-entry is permitted. ODU students will be swiped at the door to check currently enrolled at ODU
  9. Guest list of alumni will be provided by the organization(s) hosting to SET by noon on event day and will be deducted from the 100 non-ODU College tickets available at Student Engagement & Traditions. Alumni tickets will be given at a "will-call" counter at the event. The number of alumni tickets requested will need to be determined before tickets go on sale at SET.
  10. Tickets will not be sold at the event. All tickets must be picked up by noon day of the event.
  11. Metal Detector Wanding will occur at entrance
  12. Lights have to be partially on in room.
  13. Organization Advisor must be present at event.
  14. Space must be booked at least 21 days in advance of event.
  15. There will be 6 officers in attendance to help with crowd and event control

Webb Jams (TYPE E):

  1. Webb Jams can only occur Friday and Saturday evening until 1am and are only open to current ODU students. No re-entry is permitted.
  2. These events are only hosted in the North Café, are a fundraiser hosted by the student organization, and may not exceed 5 hours.
  3. Entrance will be into North Cafeteria from North Mall
  4. Capacity is 800 for these events.
  5. If an organization is utilizing a Webb Jam for a fundraising event (charging admission) then the organization is responsible for covering security expenses. The expenses are as follows:
    500 or less capacity: $1000
    600 capacity: $1100
    700 capacity: $1300
    800 capacity: $1400

  6. Student Engagement & Traditions will provide at a minimum one staff member per event. The organization is responsible for providing event volunteers and SET will determine the number needed.
  7. Metal Detector Wanding will occur at entrance
  8. Organization Advisor must be present at event.
  9. Space must be booked at least 21 days in advance of event.

Reservation & Room Usage

Room Usage

Room use at ODU is a collective responsibility. We all share the goal of keeping our facilities clean and organized not only for our use, but for others who are using the same space following your event.

Please leave the room as you found it (furniture returned to its original placement and excessive trash removed.) Misuse may result in fines or suspension of room reservation privileges.

Indoor Event Available Space

Academic Classrooms, Scheduling@odu.edu

Art Department, Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Gallery

Peninsula Higher Education Center, phecrental@odu.edu

Strome Entrepreneurial Center, ent@odu.edu

Student Recreation Center, Recreation & Wellness, recwell@odu.edu

Tri-Cities Higher Education Center, TCRooms@odu.edu

Virginia Beach Higher Education Center, VBRooms@odu.edu

Webb Center, Student Engagement & Traditions, SETScheduling@odu.edu

Outdoor Event Available Space

Outdoor spaces available for reservation and the offices that manage scheduling of the space include:

Student Engagement & Traditions Scheduling (SETscheduling@odu.edu)
Kaufman Mall
Quarantine Trail

Recreation and Wellness Scheduling (recwell@odu.edu)
Bolling Square
Dominion House Lawn
Engineering/ Perry Library Lawn
Parking Lots 1, 42, and 43 (Exception Athletic tailgating)
Powhatan Pavilion
Runte Quad
Sidewalk/Road Closures
Student Recreation Center Field
Whitehurst Beach
Whitehurst Field
Williamsburg Lawn

Arts & Letters Scheduling
Brock Commons

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