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Students are encouraged to participate actively in various extra-curricular activities related to their studies. In addition to the opportunities listed below there are also volunteer opportunities to assist with the annual ODU Literary-Festival or at AWP with the ODU MFA Program Table.

Engagement Across Campus

The phrase "first-generation college students" is used to describe students whose parents or grandparents did not earn a college degree. Our conversations indicate that many of our faculty and faculty administrators were first-generation college students themselves.

The main goal of the 'F1RST Faculty' opportunity is to encourage faculty-student interaction outside of the classroom through relationships that help to improve sense of belonging for both first-gen faculty and first-gen students.

English Representative: Senior Lecturer Mary Beth Pennington

ODU continues to encourage campus participation with innovative practices and entrepreneurship in and outside the classroom. Forty-five instructors are selected each year to participate in this intensive workshop led by the most successful entrepreneurs in the country.

Topics include:

  • The Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Mastering Creativity and Innovation
  • Experiential Teaching Strategies

English Representative: Assistant Professor Kevin Moberly

Given the recent rise of college tuition costs, many students struggle to afford textbooks and materials needed to succeed in the classroom. We now offer several general education and upper-level course sections "textbook free" and continue to expand our Open Educational Resources so all students have access and opportunity to learn and achieve.

English Representative: Lecturer Alicia DeFonzo

This program is designed for underrepresented scholars with a dream of pursuing a career in academia. This program provides an opportunity for underrepresented scholars to gain more insight into the professoriate by inviting them to campus to participate in a one-day experience designed to cultivate skills in teaching, research, grant writing and innovative use of technology. Scholars will have the opportunity to attend workshops from award-winning ODU professors, learn about our campus and scholarly expectations, as well as present their research agenda to chairs, deans and potential hiring committee members.

English Representative: Associate Professor Delores Phillips

We work year-round to promote disability awareness, acceptance, and pride at ODU. Collaborating across multiple departments and programs, our committee puts on a variety of events in the month of October geared toward students, staff, and faculty. Our goal is to normalize the presence of disability on campus and create a campus culture that welcomes people with disabilities.

English Representative: Assistant Professor Ruth Osorio


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