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First Cohort Leader Reaches New Heights

Dr. Pat Williams has just been promoted from the Principal of Mt. Hermon Preschool Center to the PreK Coordinator for Portsmouth Public Schools. Dr. Williams was a member of the very first Ph.D. cohort for the Educational Leadership Program, and was the first person to complete the program in Cohort #1. Her dissertation dealt with fiscal effort for PreK spending and early literacy achievement in Virginia. One outcome of the dissertation was that she was asked to serve on Virginia's Advisory Board for PreK education.

To Dr. Williams, the importance of positivity and determination cannot be understated. When asked how she would motivate the next group of educational leaders, she shared, "Dream big and stay focused. Believe in your skills, talents and abilities to make the impossible, possible and the unthinkable, reality. This journey will hold challenges. Combat every obstacle by being teachable. It's through determination and hard work that you'll triumph. And when the unimaginable has been achieved, pay it forward, encourage someone else, and inspire others to be great. Success is yours - it's not easy but it's not impossible."

Congratulations, Dr. Williams!

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