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Certificate in University Financial Management

The Office of Finance has designed a multi-section training program that focuses on the business practices needed by budget units. It is a series of classes designed to familiarize the campus community with the different aspects of the Office of Finance. Participants who complete all required courses and pass the exam are awarded a Certificate in University Financial Management (CUFM).

The intent of these classes is to ensure that employees have as much understanding of our complex system as possible, and employees may begin participating in the program any time during the year.

  • PROGRAM DETAILS - There are four (4) required sessions comprising details from seven (7) departments, with a review session offered to help employees prepare for the exam. Please note that you must attend all sessions before you may take the Capstone review and sit for the exam. Classes taken more than two years before the exam date must be retaken.
  • TRAINING SCHEDULE - The CUFM Training Schedule is posted twice each year (January-June & July-December). Classes do not need to be taken in any particular order.
  • TRAINING MATERIALS - Training materials are updated prior to each class session. Course attendees are responsible for printing their own copies of training materials, as none will be provided in class. It is recommended that attendees print the Course Handout for classes, and use the "Textbooks" for each course as a reference as the textbooks are lengthy and very detailed.
  • REGISTRATION - Registration is completed via the online registration form. Please be sure to include all courses you wish to register for, including the Course Title, CRN, Course Date/Time, and Term Code for each in your registration request.
  • QUESTIONS - Please contact Amanda Dunlap, Communications and Training Coordinator in the Office of Finance at 757-683-4462 or via email at adunlap@odu.edu for more information. Official attendance records are maintained by Amanda Dunlap as well.
  • FEEDBACK - We encourage your feedback! Please submit training program feedback here.

Course Offerings & Training Material

Budget Process & Management

If negotiating your way through the maze of paperwork required to prepare your annual budget has you confused and intimidated, this seminar is for you. The session provides an overview of the University's annual budget development process which is done in two phases - the development phase and the documentation phase. The focus of this training helps participants understand the budget process and the materials used during the development process, as well as the budget structure at Old Dominion University.

Topics include:

  • Annual Budget Development Process (2 phases)
  • Fund/ledger differences
  • Accrual accounting
  • Establishing a new budget
  • Designating a Budget Unit Director (BUD) & BUD Delegates
  • BUD responsibilities
  • Guidelines and tools for budget management
  • And more!

Audience: Budget Unit Directors and support personnel, and those individuals working to acquire the Certificate in University Financial Management


If you collect money for the University or are interested in increasing your knowledge about such areas as listed below, then this seminar contains information you need:

  • Check endorsement procedures
  • Credit card procedures
  • Cash reports
  • Departmental deposits
  • Departmental billing requests

Since the function of collecting money is monitored very closely by the Commonwealth, it is imperative that departments handling money be aware of all requirements and guidelines.

Notice: Individuals who have responsibilities associated with collecting money are required to take this class every two years. Those who collect credit card payments must also be familiar with credit card processing rules.

Audience: Personnel responsible for cashiering and student contact activities, and those individuals working to acquire the Certificate in University Financial Management

Procurement Overview

As part of the Certificate in University Management Program, we offer a brief overview of major Procurement topics. Procurement Services also offers an extensive training in the University's procurement processes, as well as targeted trainings in eVA and eReceiving, PCard, Contract Administration, and SWaM. For more information on the Procurement Training, please visit their training page.

Topics include:

  • Commonwealth budget restrictions
  • Departmental responsibilities regarding payments
  • Worker classification issues
  • How to ensure prompt payment
  • Obtaining vendor numbers
  • Petty cash and small business expense reimbursement
  • How to avoid delays in vendor payments
  • How to research outstanding bills

Audience: All Personnel, especially those involved in monitoring departmental budgets.

Accounts Payable: Travel

Do you know where you're going, what the reimbursement rates are, or how to be reimbursed for your travel-related expenses? This class will help you if not!

Topics include:

  • Overview of the Commonwealth's travel rules
  • Individual traveler's responsibilities
  • Travel advances
  • Meal and lodging limits
  • Pre-approvals required
  • Requesting reimbursement
  • And much, much more!

Audience: All Personnel

Dates: Chrome River training classes will be conducted via Zoom from 11am-12pm on the following dates in 2024:

  • January 18
  • February 15
  • March 21
  • April 18
  • May 16

Send an email to travel@odu.edu with the date of the session you would like to attend. A confirmation email will be sent once your request is reviewed.

Please contact your Travel Team Processor if there are any questions.

Employing Students & Payroll

Curious about the Payroll Process for all types of employees? What about payment issues or tax information? Do you employ students, whether Graduate Assistants, Federal Work Study Students, or Student Hourly Employees? This class will help make clear all of the guidelines and requirements for each!

Topics include:

  • Understanding the payroll process
  • Paperwork required to reach payroll status
  • Electronic Personnel Actions Forms (EPAFs)
  • Web Time Entry (WTE)
  • Manual timesheets
  • Supervisor/proxy responsibilities
  • Monthly payroll reporting
  • Different employee types to include all types of student employees (including student eligibility requirements)
  • I-9 and E-1S Forms and completion
  • Payroll topics specific to student employees (including continuing/terminating students, FY transitions, etc.)

Audience: All personnel, especially those who hire or supervise student employees

CUFM Capstone Review

Although recommended, this session is not required for an individual to take the exam for the Certificate in University Financial Management (CUFM). This session is only available to those who have completed all four (4) classes in the CUFM Program. It is the final preparation and review for the exam.

Audience: Only those individuals who have completed all classes and are preparing for the CUFM exam

In preparation for the Capstone Review, please see the Practice Quizzes for each subject below.


The exam is only available to those who have completed all four (4) classes covering the seven (7) departmental topics in the CUFM Program. It is recommended that individuals attend the Capstone Review session in order to prepare for the exam. Individuals who pass the exam with a minimum score of 70% will be awarded a Certificate in University Financial Management. Grades are released approximately two weeks after the exam, and certificates are mailed to the individual in their department.

Audience: Only those individuals who have completed all classes in the CUFM Program within a 2-year period.

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