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Student Opinion Surveys Reports

Student Opinion Surveys are an important tool for students to provide anonymous feedback at the end of a course about their instructors, course content, and their overall course experience. Feedback from students is compiled at the end of each semester and various reports are created. To access these tools, you must log in with your University MIDAS Account ID and Password. All student opinion reports are best viewed in Google Chrome.

View Participation Rates

View the current participation rate for surveys that are in progress.

To Monitor participation and encourage student involvement. An up to the minute report that allows you to see how many surveys have been submitted for your courses. Based on this you may wish to try different options to increase participation such as allotting several minutes during class time for students to complete their course survey or offering extra credit for participation. It can also be helpful to tell the students how you use the information to improve your courses.

Instructor access to the Participation Tracking Report

Provost, Dean and Chair access to the Participation Tracking Report

View Interim Reports

Reports for instructors who teach shorter courses (<=14 weeks long).

Interim reports provide instructors teaching shorter courses a chance to view a partial report of their student feedback soon after the course ends rather than having to wait until the release of all reports for the semester. These reports do not show the comparative data such as college mean, department mean etc.

Instructor access to the Interim Student Opinion Report

Student Feedback Schedule

Remember that not all courses are available for feedback (see "Summer Sessions" and "I can't find all of my courses" under FAQs).

Students receive email reminding them to complete their course survey(s): View email dates and courses eligible for feedback.

View the Student Opinion Surveys schedule for this semester.

Instructor Reports

The initial screen displays your latest reports. You can change the term in the drop-down field to check for previous terms.

Student Opinion Report

Longitudinal Report

Course Level Report

Provost, Dean, Chair Reports

Provost, Deans and Chairs can view role-based reports. Deans see all departments in their college and can drill-down all the way to an instructor report. Chairs see instructors of their department and can drill-down to an instructor report.

You may need to authenticate twice - once for single sign-on and once for the Insight server. The first screen will display a Summary Report.

NOTE: You may drill down to view your Instructor reports if you also taught courses.

Summary Report

Longitudinal Report

Course Level Report

Distance Learning Report

Reports are restricted to the Provost and Distance Learning group members. Reports are based on the new Course Delivery Method beginning Fall 2014.

Longitudinal Reports

Archived Reports

Instructor reports before Summer 2010 are archived to CD and available from your department Chair.

Unlike Fall and Spring semesters, by default, summer courses are not available to students for feedback. To allow feedback for your class, set the permission below. Instructors must set the permission each summer.

Set permission to allow feedback.


How soon can I see my Student Opinion Survey Reports online?

Reports are available two weeks after the last day of exams.

I can't find all of my courses.

Students can provide feedback for courses that are eligible and have an instructor of record. If you were listed as instructor, and the course doesn't show up, then no survey was completed for that course. If "staff" was listed as the instructor, you will not see those records either.

The types of courses that are not eligible are: Independent Studies, Tutorial, Dissertation/Thesis, Lecture/Studio, Programmed Instruction, Computer-Assisted Instruction, Telecourse, NonCredit Instruction and Pre-ISI/Inactive/No Type.

Additionally, to protect student anonymity, instructors cannot view reports for courses with an enrollment of less than or equal to five. This information can be viewed in aggregate reports if combined enrollment is greater than five. It can also be viewed by the chair and dean.

I have a course in my list that I didn't teach.

In Banner, you were listed as instructor for that course, and a student filled out the survey.

How do I access other's Student Opinion Survey Reports?

Faculty can only view the results for courses taught by them. Chairs can view the reports for all courses assigned to their departments and Deans can view Student Opinion Survey Reports for any course in their college. The Provost has access to all courses. No one else can view this confidential information.

How can I print Student Opinion Survey Reports?

Click on the circled triangle icon (Run as), on the top left corner of your report. You will see a list of options to choose from. Choose the desired format and save the report.

What is an Aggregate Report?

Aggregate reports are created only for courses that are marked in Banner as being cross-listed. This report combines all the surveys submitted for any of the cross-listed courses into one all-encompassing report.

I am having trouble accessing reports.

If you have trouble logging in, contact ITS Help Desk at 683-3189. If you are a new Dean or Chair, provide your college and department information along with your full name.

Reports work best in Google Chrome:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Go to the ODU web page
  • Click on Faculty & Staff on the top right corner
  • Under Teaching section, click on Student Opinion Survey Reports
  • Click on the View Reports Tab
  • Under Instructor Reports, click on the desired report and log in using MIDAS ID and password

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