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Theatre Facilities

Brock Commons

The Brock Commons, at 1040 W. 47th St., is our outdoor festival space, and features our Monarch Mermaid, Reign! This stage is used for various ODU and community events and performances, including the seasonal Saturday Market on Monarch.

Brock Commons completed

Side view of Brock Commons.

Brock Commons 1

Far view of Brock Commons.

The stage at Brock Commons

Front view of Brock Commons.

Goode Theatre

At 4601 Monarch Way, the Goode Theatre features a 185-seat flexible stage facility and fully equipped film soundstage. Our up-to-date scene shop is equipped with the latest technology, including CNC Router, Vacu-Form, MIG welders, 3D printer, VR headsets and plasma cutter. Students regularly work with intelligent lighting, projections, and our state of the art digital audio equipment.

Goode Theatre Front

Goode Theatre in daylight.

communication & theatre arts - audience

An audience in Goode Theatre.

Goode Theatre

Goode Theatre in the evening.

University Theatre

University Theatre, at 4608 Hampton Blvd, features a classic 280-seat proscenium theatre. Fully equipped with a contemporary counter-weight system, both traditional lighting instruments and state-of-the-art moving lights, a flexible sound system and High-Definition Data Projectors featuring multiple inputs including Blu-ray players.

University Theatre

Exterior view of University Theatre.

University Theatre lobby

Interior of University Theatre entrance.

Memorials to the missing

University Theatre seating.

University Theatre Performance Studio

The Studio serves as both a learning space for Theatre classes and as a performance space for ODU Theatre's student organizations. Students have access to sound and lighting equipment and any student may propose a show for the space. This is where student leaders practice their craft independently.

Performance Studio

The Performance Studio.

University Theatre - Performance Studio

Students inside the Performance Studio.

University Theatre Performance Studio

Student production in the Performance Studio.

Stables Theatre

The Stables Theatre, on Monarch Way at 47th St, is nestled right between the Goode Theatre and the Brock Commons. The Stables houses the Costume Shop and the Design Studio classroom, and serves as an additional rehearsal space.

Stables Theatre

Outside view of Stables Theatre.

Stables Theatre 2

Interior lighting of Stables Theatre.

The Stables Theatre costume shop

The Costume Shop.

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