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dancers onstage in ODU Spring Dance Concert 4-10-12

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Our Shared Values

  1. Dancing is a form of knowledge production, creative expression, and critical inquiry.

  2. All forms of dancing are valuable as paths to building conscious awareness of ourselves, of other people, and of our world.

  3. Dance training, performances, and creative processes are forms of embodied knowledge, meaning they involve and require research, perseverance, and creative problem-solving.

  4. As educators, we value collaboration, exploration, and curiosity. Our classes are places where students and teachers share ideas and think outside of-and beyond-what we may already know about a topic or an approach to learning and dancing.

  5. Dance and dancing are multimodal practices that are enriched through moving, viewing, reading, speaking, listening, writing, and practicing together.

  6. Dancing can reinforce and/or dismantle social, political, and cultural systems and structures.

Becoming a Dance Major

In-Person Auditions

In-person auditions will be held on February 3, 2024. Everyone who auditions in-person will be considered for dance scholarships.

Online Auditions

Online auditions received by March 1, 2024, will be considered for dance scholarships.

Learn more and find information about auditions.

Future Students

Everything You Need To Succeed

In light of the above principles, the mission of the Dance program focuses on intellectual understanding of the systems of motion, performance opportunities for creative expression, and collaborative efforts that create synergy.

Degree Offered: Bachelor of Arts - Theatre and Dance

2019 ODU Spring Dance Concert

Dance Major

4-Year Plan

Curriculum Pathway

Dance Education Majors

Dance Education Major

4-Year Plan

Curriculum Pathway

Minor Offered

ODU dance performers

Minor in Dance

Curriculum Pathway

Scholarships in Dance

Through generous donations to the Dance Program, six scholarships ranging from $750 to $4500 are awarded each year to deserving dance majors.

To be eligible for a scholarship through the dance program, a student must be a declared dance major and must exhibit exceptional commitment, talent and a positive attitude. The Eva May Morris scholarship also requires that the student have an overall GPA of 3.0 and be a rising senior. Additional scholarships are available through the Office of Financial Aid.

2023-2024 Scholarship Recipients:

Alayna Vilardi-Eva May Morris Gregory Dance Scholarship

Kameron Clark - Amanda Kinzer Scholarship in Dance -

Liliana Negron and Jahla Smith - Marilyn Marloff Dance Scholarship

Alaina Reed - Marilyn Marloff and John Luker Dance Endowed Scholarship

TaCor'ya Packer - Marilyn S. Melchor Performing Arts Award

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