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Transportation Application Program

What We Do

The Transportation Applications Program is a new transportation research initiative hosted by the City of Virginia Beach. In an agreement with the Virginia Beach Development Authority, Old Dominion University is launching TAP under CITS, propelling the City and University to the forefront of transportation research - regionally, nationally, and internationally. While working towards improving mobility in the City of Virginia Beach, the TAP under CITS partnership will also provide creative transportation solutions for residents and industry throughout Hampton Roads.


Leading transportation researchers focus on developing and applying innovative modeling and simulation techniques to address transportation challenges and issues facing the region, the Commonwealth and the nation. Transportation models and simulations produced by TAP will enable decision-makers to visualize the impact that proposed projects will have on traffic congestion, neighborhoods and businesses, safety, and on the environment. The unbiased non-partisan scientific research performed by the program will ultimately results in more informed decisions and more successful projects for the region's roads.

A key project is the Development of Base Macro and Micro Models for the City of Virginia Beach. This project will serve as the basis for future projects with the city.

Specific Areas of Research and Experimentation

  • Multimodal Transportation Planning
    • Simulation of future traffic patterns
    • Public transportation
    • Signal light timing
    • Transportation planning and analysis
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems Applications
    • Advanced Traveler Information Systems
    • Advanced sensors analysis
    • Inter-vehicle and vehicle-to-vehicle communications
  • Transportation Safety and Security
    • Driver and passenger behaviors
    • Evacuation transportation plans
  • The transportation impacts of climate change and sea level rise

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