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Student Employment Programs

On-Campus Departmental Federal Work Study (FWS)

Federal Work Study (FWS)

Provides funds for part-time employment to help eligible students finance the costs of postsecondary education. All available FWS positions are posted in Handshake

FWS funds are not automatically applied to your student account. Funds must be earned through employment in an eligible FWS position within the university.

A current FWS Award offer is required to apply for all FWS positions. a. An award does not guarantee a position on campus but instead opens an additional pool of positions available to you on campus.

On-Campus Departmental Federal Work Study

Career Development Services partners with all campus departments with allotted FWS positions. Each available position is posted in Handshake and applicants are hired directly by the worksite. To find available positions, please log into Handshake and search for FWS positions.

Student Temporary Assist Team (STAT)

The STAT program is an on-campus temporary employment service providing short-term work assignments in various ODU departments. STAT offers a variety of work experiences and flexibility to meet diverse schedules and needs.

America Reads & America Counts

America Reads and America Counts are federally sponsored programs that provide tutors in local elementary schools. Become a role model and develop the future by helping school children with reading and math skills.

Community Service Internships (CSI)

Community Service Internships allow you to work in the community at selected non-profit organizations or government agencies while earning your work study award. Placements are limited and must be coordinated and pre-approved by Career Development Services.

Learn & Earn Advantage Program (LEAP)

The Learn and Earn Advantage Program is an on-campus work program that allows eligible 1st-year undergraduate students the opportunity to earn money and gain valuable job-related skills during the Fall and Spring semesters through part-time jobs here on campus. Students that are awarded LEAP have the option of applying for and working a LEAP job in order to earn the LEAP money indicated in their financial aid package. Please note that receipt of award DOES NOT guarantee a LEAP job.

LEAP jobs average 10-15 hours per week. Students work ALL over campus in such areas as the Student Rec Center, in the Library, in the Art Gallery as well as in Athletics. We do not have any positions working directly with food service or university maintenance. Openings can be found through your Handshake portal. Please note- if you have not accepted your award you may not be able to apply for jobs. If you have accepted your award but are unable to apply please email LEAP@odu.edu.

Requirements for the LEAP program:

  • LEAP Award
  • LEAP Job
  • Enrollment in and successful completion of the UNIV 130 Workplace Skills course in the first semester of the LEAP program
  • Must remain in good academic standing and receive positive job evaluations from their immediate LEAP supervisors each semester

Learn & Earn Advantage Program II (LEAP II)

LEAP II is an continuation of LEAP into the sophomore year for a limited number of successful LEAP participants.

LEAP II offers second year undergraduate students (true sophomore) an opportunity to receive pre-internship work experience. Jobs are related to your field of interest with hands on guidance from on campus supervisors. You must have successfully completed the LEAP Program for freshmen and maintain a GPA higher than 2.3.

Are you looking for student employment opportunities?

Your first stop is Handshake! Here you will find:

  • Campus Student Hourly Positions
  • Federal Work Study Positions
  • Student Temporary Assist Team (STAT) Positions
  • America Reads and America Counts Positions
  • Learn and Earn Advantage Program (LEAP) On-Campus Positions
  • Community Service Internship Positions
  • Off-Campus Part-Time Positions

Explore Student Employment Opportunities

Student Employment Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a job in the café, dining halls or Chartway Arena in the Ted Constant Center?

Jobs in the Café and dining halls or any other eating establishments on campus would fall under Aramark. You apply to Aramark positions in person. The Monarch Dining Office located in 2101 Webb Center. For positions at the Ted Constant Convocation Center, please visit https://www.chartwayarena.com/employment.

How do I know if I am eligible for Federal Work Study?

Check your award notification from Financial Aid or LEO Online. Eligible students who filed a FAFSA form for financial aid are given FWS amount to accept or decline from the Old Dominion University Office of Financial Aid.

FWS is awarded by Financial Aid based on financial need as determined through your completed FAFSA. Eligibility is determined by number of factors. If you are awarded FWS you will see the award in your Financial Aid Package. Check your financial aid package in LEO. FWS will be listed with any other grants or loans issued by Financial Aid.

How can I earn my Federal Work Study award?

All Federal Work Study positions are posted in Handshake. There are many student employment programs to earn your award. If you need help in creating and saving your job search, visit our Career Commons for assistance from Career Coach. As with all positions in Handshake, a resume is required for application. We have Career Coaches to assist you, but to get started; here are some Resume Samples to use as a guide!

Do you have to file for FAFSA in order to work on campus?

No, you do not need to complete a FAFSA to work on campus. However, there are hundreds of campus work opportunities available for students who have completed their FAFSA. Filling out your FAFSA may provide you with additional opportunities for Federal aid; including loans, grants, and Federal Work Study Awards. Federal Work Study jobs require an award to apply, but you are eligible to apply to campus student hourly positions without an award or FAFSA application.

All of our positions are posted online in Handshake. All degree-seeking students have an account and can access Handshake using the Monarch Key login with their MiDAS ID and Password. In Handshake, just upload your resume and this will allow you to apply to jobs! If you do not have a resume, we have tips and samples to get you started and Career Coaches available to assist you.

Although a FAFSA is not required, we encourage you to fill one out through Financial Aid; you may be eligible for federal aid which will widen your net of on-campus work opportunities by making you eligible for federal work study jobs.

How do I apply for a FWS program?

Different positions have different processes to apply for the positions. Details about applying will be mentioned on the job ad. One way to prepare yourself for the process would be to develop a basic general resume. We have Career Coaches to assist you, but to get started; here are some Resume Samples to use as a guide!

How do I accept my FWS award?

Once in the LEO Online Financial Aid review screen, choose accept (or decline) for the FWS offer. Once accepted, FWS awards must be earned and eligibility must be maintained; FWS awards are not automatically applied to your student account.

I have accepted a FWS award. How do I apply for jobs?

Once you have accepted a FWS award you can search for a position that will allow you to earn your award:

  1. Log into Handshake
  2. In the "Position Type" Drop down menu, select "Federal Work Study (FWS)"
  3. Click Search
  4. Upload your resume

All available positions are posted and new positions are added regularly. If you do not find a suitable position, please save a job Search Agent to receive an automated job update:

  • Select the "Advanced Search" tab to save, name, and submit your search
  • Schedule your search from the "Search Agent's" tab

Application to Work Study Jobs is a similar process to application to any other position. Make sure that your resume speaks to your skills. If you need any assistance, please visit the Career Commons to discuss your resume.

A FWS award does not guarantee employment. Like any other job, FWS has a competitive hiring process and you will need to complete a FWS job search in Handshake. There are a limited amount of FWS opportunities each semester, so apply early.

What forms do I need once I am hired?

Contact ODU student employment at FWS@odu.edu to learn more about what information you need and how to submit your forms.

What is the difference between LEAP and FWS?

LEAP and FWS are very similar but still different. LEAP (Learn and Earn Advantage Program) is a freshman employment program that allows students to mix Learning with Earning. ONLY freshmen with a LEAP award are able to apply for open LEAP jobs. Students in this program are hired in different departments around campus and are able to earn a paycheck while also taking a weekly class that will teach about professionalism and other workforce readiness skills. LEAP seeks to prepare students for the internships and careers after college. Learning about the skills employers value while developing and applying them to their work site is the basis of the program. The LEAP program is only for freshmen. There is a LEAP2 program that allows some of the successful LEAP1 students to continue into their sophomore year.

The LEAP 2 Program allows sophomore students to work on campus in a role that will help to develop career-relevant skills while preparing students for internships or other work options after their sophomore year. Only sophomore students successfully completing the LEAP program are eligible for LEAP 2.

How do I know if I am eligible for LEAP?

Check your award notification from Financial Aid. Eligible 1st year undergraduate students who filed a FAFSA form for financial aid would have been given an LEAP amount to accept or decline from the Old Dominion University Office of Financial Aid.

LEAP is awarded by Financial Aid based on financial need as determined through your completed FAFSA. Eligibility is determined by number of factors. If you are awarded LEAP you will see the award in your Financial Aid Package. Check your financial aid package in LEO. LEAP will be listed with any other grants or loans issued by Financial Aid.

How do I accept my LEAP award?

Once in the LEO Online Financial Aid review screen, choose accept (or decline) the LEAP offer. Once accepted, LEAP awards must be earned and eligibility must be maintained; LEAP awards are not automatically applied to your student account.

I have accepted a LEAP award, what do I do now?

After you have accepted your LEAP award you would apply through the Handshake portal. Handshake is your network for jobs, internships, and events targeted just for ODU students and alumni.

To apply:

  • Log into Handshake
  • Select "my jobs" on the left side of the screen
  • Select Advanced Search
  • Next to Job Type- click "Learn & Earn Advantage Program (LEAP) - if you need any help, don't hesitate to email LEAP@odu.edu for assistance!
  • Apply using a resume. If you need help in creating one the Career Development Services office can help!!

What forms do I need once I am hired?

Contact ODU student employment at FWS@odu.edu to learn more about what information you need and how to submit your forms.

I have a LEAP award; does this mean I have a guaranteed job?

A LEAP award does not guarantee employment. Like any other job, LEAP is a competitive hiring process and applicants may be asked to interview with potential on-campus employers. Specific jobs are reserved only for LEAP students and students that apply early often get hired. There are a limited amount of LEAP opportunities each semester, so apply early.

Internships & Cooperative Education


One-time paid or unpaid work experience

International students are eligible to do internships through Curricular Practical Training (CPT). A CPT Workshop is required.

Cooperative Education

Continuing paid work experiences

Parallel: Work part-time and study full or part-time during consecutive semesters.

Alternating: Work full-time one semester, attend classes the next, repeat until graduation.


Short-term, project-based micro-internships help you build and demonstrate your skills, explore careers, and develop networks while getting paid to complete professional tasks for real companies.


Field assignments that allow students to observe and document how working professionals perform their job duties. Students are assigned a limited number of tasks that are performed under the supervision of staff.

Internship Information by College

  1. Review online training sessions:
  2. Meet with Arts & Letters CDS staff member (in person or virtually or email) to have your resume reviewed/approved, and go over Requirements
  3. Upload approved resume to Handshake
  4. Search for internships
  5. Contact Department faculty Internship Coordinator department guidelines and to get final approval once internship has been secured
  6. Submit Learning Contract to AL CDS office
  7. Upon approval, search for intern/co-ops on Handshake
  1. Schedule an Appointment with CDS Internship Coordinator to Review Prerequisite Requirements
    Appointments are mandatory in order to determine each individual student's eligibility and must be done in person.
    *Schedule an appointment
  2. Create and/or Update Resume
    Follow the Resume guidelines.
    *Step One Application Resumes are not accepted for internship purposes.
  3. Have Resume Reviewed and Approved by CDS Resume Coordinator or CDS Career Coach *Email the CDS Career Coach at careercoach@odu.edu.
  4. Search for Internship/Co-op Opportunities (Remember, you must meet prerequisite requirements and have met with CDS Assistant Director or Internship Coordinator)
    *You may use your own resources or Handshake.
  5. Secure and Confirm the Internship
    Once you are offered an internship, you can begin completing the Learning Contract by sending a detailed job description to your faculty internship coordinator for approval; see the attached faculty advisor listing.
  6. Register for the Internship Course
    You must return your completed Learning Contract and detailed job description to Constant Hall 1011; once all documents have been received and processed, you will receive an email indicating that you may now register for the internship class. Be mindful of University registration periods.
  7. Complete Course Requirements
    Complete evaluations from Qualtrics, complete final report requirements and other assignments from professor, complete the required number of work hours and turn in all assignments by deadline.
  8. Upon approval, search for intern/co-ops on Handshake
  1. Review online training sessions:
  2. Have your resume reviewed by one of our Career Coordinators (can be done electronically via email)
  3. Upload your approved resume to Handshake
  4. Maintain at least a 2.0 GPA
  5. Report Requirements

BSHS and BSPH Majors

*All other majors in the College of Health Sciences should contact their respective advisors for information about internships

  1. Meet with faculty advisor to determine eligibility for the internship (all major courses as listed in the appropriate University Catalog for your admission year must be completed before registering for internship).
  2. Meet with the Internship Coordinator a semester in advance to discuss the internship process/requirements. This meeting is mandatory in order to foster a clear understanding of the internship course and to determine each individual student's eligibility/readiness for the internship.
  3. Schedule an appointment with ODU's Career Development Services to have professional resume and cover letter reviewed prior to sending these documents out to potential internship sites.
  4. Search for internship opportunities. You may use Handshake or make your own solicitations if you are aware of opportunities from other networks.
  5. Secure and confirm internship position.
  6. Register online for the internship course.
  1. Contact the Internship Coordinator and have your resume reviewed, go over Requirements, and find out the approved internship locations
  2. Fill out the Learning Contract and return it to Summer Steelman along with an electronic version of your job description to be registered for credit.
  3. Once registered, follow the instructions from the College of Sciences Liaison to receive your grade
  4. Upon approval, search for intern/co-ops on Handshake

Internship Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get credit for my internship?

Internships are an agreement between you, the employer, and the University. When receiving credit, requirements are guided by your college/major and often include a minimum class standing/credit hours and grade point average with an evaluation and written reflection due by the end of the semester.

  1. Major or minor declared: Get credit for work experience in your field
  2. Junior classification or higher (Only 12 credits required for Engineering & Technology)
  3. Cumulative GPA 2.0 or higher

You will need an approved Resume and Internship Orientation to begin the process.

Can I get paid for an internship?

An internship can be credit or non-credit and paid or unpaid (one is not dependent on the other). All financial arrangements are the responsibility of the employer.

Students with a Federal Work Study award working for approved non-profit organizations or government agencies may be able to earn FWS funds with the CSI Program which is administered by Career Development Services.

How can I get a non-credit internship added to my transcript?

  • Internship must consist of at least 10 weeks or 50 total hours during summer, spring or fall semesters
  • Position must relate to your major
  • Complete 0-credit internship form and submit it with a description
  • Register for UNIV 068 prior to the drop deadline
  • Complete an online evaluation at the conclusion of your internship. Your supervisor will receive an evaluation as well

If you have questions, please contact your CDS college liaison.

What is the University's policy on Continuance in Experiential Education?

  • Students must have an overall GPA of 2.0 to begin an internship/coop experience
  • CDS Liaisons and staff have the responsibility of reviewing transcripts of experiential education
    students to confirm the 2.0 minimum GPA
  • Students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 to continue as a student in good standing
  • If a student's GPA falls below a 2.0, the student will have one semester of probation to bring the
    GPA up to a 2.0
    • If the GPA is not a 2.0 after the one-semester probation period, the student will
      not meet the criteria for an internship/coop experience
  • Employers should be notified once the student GPA falls below a 2.0
    • To adhere to FERPA guidelines, the employers should be informed that the student "no longer meets the criteria to be recommended by the Career Development Services to participate in the intern/co-op

What are some tips to be successful in internships?

  1. Set goals. Having personal and professional goals can help you make the most of your summer, stay on track, and know if you have achieved what you set out to do.
  2. Ask questions. An internship is a learning process and you may need to seek clarification along the way.
  3. Participate in all intern and company activities that you are invited to. It's a great way to meet fellow interns and people at the company who are investing their time in your experience.
  4. Share your ideas. People want to know what you think, so speak up!
  5. If you finish your work, ask for more. By taking initiative, you may end up with an awesome project or learning experience.
  6. Pack your lunch. You'll save money and calories. It's absolutely fine to join your colleagues and treat yourself to lunch every once in a while, but you will thank yourself at the end of the summer if you don't blow your paychecks on takeout sushi.
  7. Dress for the job you want, not the one you have. Always be sure to follow the dress code. Make sure your clothes are clean, neat, and pressed
  8. Get a good night's rest. If you're used to going to bed at 2 a.m., the sound of the alarm at 6 a.m. is going to be a rude awakening (literally and figuratively). No one at your workplace will care if you're tired, so don't look or act tired.
  9. Consider your internship a three-month interview. This is your opportunity to make the most of each day with the potential of getting a job offer at the end.
  10. Ask people if you can be of help to them. You might think you don't have a lot to offer, but perhaps one of your colleagues has a child that is considering your university and would love to hear your perspective.
  11. Explore the city...and the food. If you're in Cleveland, don't miss the West Side Market and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. St. Louis is famous for fried ravioli. In Houston, be sure to try the BBQ.
  12. Exercise. Take a brisk walk, ride a bike, run, do yoga! Do whatever you like, just get moving!
  13. Drink water. That's what the water coolers are for! Eight 8-ounce glasses day is what's recommended, but if that sounds like a lot, just start with a couple glasses a day. It also helps to get a water bottle that you really like.
  14. If you make a mistake, acknowledge it, find a way to fix it, and move on. Don't make excuses.
  15. Connect with alumni from your school. Use your university's alumni club. Tap into the LinkedIn Find Alumni tool.
  16. Check in regularly with your parents, family members, and friends and let them know how your internship is going....they will appreciate it.
  17. Say please. It's amazing how many people will be willing to help you if you ask nicely.
  18. Follow all computer rules and lock your computer when you step away from your desk. Also, if your company has a social media policy, refrain from posting on Facebook during work hours.
  19. Ask for feedback. Some supervisors will be good at giving you positive and constructive feedback, while others may be less forthcoming. If they know it's important to you, they may be more likely to give it.
  20. Avoid office gossip. If someone talks about others to you, they are probably talking about you to others.
  21. Pay attention to your experiences, reflect on them, and jot down a few notes. Your worst on-the-job experience may someday be your best interview story. The trick is remembering all the details.
  22. Wear sunscreen. Seriously
  23. Be present and enjoy the experience!
  24. Keep in touch. Don't wait until you need something to e-mail your former supervisor. Send an e-mail every once in a while to check in and let them know how you're doing.
  25. Thank people and let them know how they impacted your life and career. A handwritten note is a very nice touch.

Entry Level & Experienced Professional Jobs

Employers post thousands of full-time and part-time jobs, internships, and co-ops each year in Handshake for graduates and alumni. Career Development Services hosts organizations from private industry, government agencies, armed forces, and public education for a range of events:

  • Information sessions offer up close and personal contact with employer representatives and ODU Alumni
  • Career Fairs open to all ODU students, Alumni, immediate family, and local military personnel.
  • On-Campus Interviews take place each fall and spring and employers typically expect candidates to be available within 2-8 weeks after applying

Graduate School

Are you seeking specific knowledge and skills necessary for a profession? Are you looking for work in a field different from your undergraduate major?

A graduate degree can provide these credentials, increase advancement opportunities, and provide the flexibility necessary to change careers.

Many students once they have completed their undergraduate studies, choose to pursue a graduate degree. Some decide to continue immediately upon graduation, and others take a break to work and explore their options first. Whichever group you fall into we are here to support your decisions and provide you with information and resources to help you make the best decision for you.

Career Development Services is available to assist you and can help connect you to resources to help you in your decision-making process. Our office provides individual assistance and support in getting through the application process, mock interviews, workshops and programs on various related topics.

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