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Bioelectrics Research

Regenerative Medicine & Wound Healing

Regenerative Medicine & Wound Healing

The fields of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering are truly remarkable because they have yielded a more intimate understanding of the functioning of human tissue and organ, where our research goes beyond tissue engineering to include repair and regeneration.

  • Developing novel technologies to deliver islet cells for diabetes and neural regeneration for spinal cord injuries.
  • Use of nanosecond Platelet Rich Plasma (nsPRP) to rebuild functional myocardium by treating the ischemic and reperfused tissue with nsPRP.
  • Building 3-D organs -- hearts, kidneys or livers
  • Development of techniques involving musculoskeletal biology for wound repair of wounded soldiers
  • Investigation of the underlying causes of defects in membrane channels in chondrocytes, their migratory and regenerative potential of cartilage under pulsed electric field and how these membrane defects corelate to chondrocyte function and disease such as chest wall cartilage deformity.

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