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Bioelectrics Research



The research conducted in the field of neuroscience at the center focus on the functioning of neural cells and systems and relationship between neural activity and behavior and cognitive processing. We are developing various technology to study and interact with neural systems including biomaterials, electrophysiology, neural interfacing electronics, computational modeling and multi-dimensional data analysis.

  • Design and Development of technologies for deep tissue stimulation to treat neurodegenerative disorders and excitation in nerve fibers, nerve.
  • Design and Development of neural probe for simultaneous recording of neurotransmitters and local field potentials.
  • Development of subnanosecond electric pulses for electrostimulation through wideband antennas for treatment of movement disorders, pain and stress, as well as psychiatric disorders.
  • Investigation of neural cell membrane permeabilization, peripheral nerve excitation and cell signaling.

Neuroscience Faculty

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