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Bioelectrics Research

Drug Development & Delivery

Drug Development & Delivery

Pharmaceuticals save lives as well as alleviate pain. The Center for Bioelectronics is working of a variety of approaches to improve pharmaceuticals through research on drug design and development and drug delivery. Our research in this area has the potential to impact healthcare by making pharmaceuticals more effective, cost effective and convenient for patients. Our research on drug design emphasis novel drugs to treat treatments of cancer, diabetes, infectious disease and other diseases.

  • Investigating the mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias and their treatment using intense electric as a more precise, faster, and safer than thermal ablation.
  • Investigation of electroporation techniques for delivery of chemotherapeutic agents and characterization of side effects of plasmid DNA encoding therapeutic molecules (pDNA electroporation).
  • Development of nanosecond Platelet Rich Plasma (nsPRP) to safely and effectively enhance healing and angiogenesis in various wound types. We have demonstrated that nsPRP enhances healing of peripheral wounds as well as heart tissue damaged by ischemia and reperfusion.
  • Development of engineering technologies to make taking drugs easier and less frequent, wherein we develop painless microneedle patches that can be use for influenza vaccination and insulin delivery to diabetics.

Drug Development & Delivery Faculty

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