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Recent Publications

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Peer-Reviewed Journals

Invited: Thakshila Liyanage, Ahmad Qamar, and Gymama Slaughter, "Nanomaterials for biosensors: A Review" IEEE Sensors Journal. http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/JSEN.2020.3032952, 2021.
Ankit Baingane and Gymama Slaughter, "An abiotic glucose indicator system," IEEE Sensors Journal. 21(5), 5751-5757, 2021.

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Johvan O. Hill-Dick, Alexis Harmon, Wei Cao, Kishor K. Sadasivuni, Mehran Elahi, Adetayo Adedeji, Hani E. Elsayed-Ali, Gymama Slaughter, Kapil Kumar, Mohammad Asadi, and Bijandra Kumar "Nanocoral Ag for Nonenzymatic Glucose Detection at Extremely Low Operational Potential" Material Today Communication. 27, 2021, 102261
Invited: J. Shankara Narayanan and Gymama Slaughter, "Membranes, immobilization and protective strategies for enzyme fuel cell stability," Current Opinion in Electrochemistry., 2021, 100753
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Meimei Lai, Gymama Slaughter, "Label-free microRNA Optical biosensors", Nanomaterials, 9 (11) 1573, 1-22, 2019.
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J. Shankara Narayanan and Gymama Slaughter, "Towards a dual in-line electrochemical biosensor for the determination of glucose and hydrogen peroxide," Bioelectrochemistry. 2019, 128, 56-65.
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Cover: Zahra Ghassemi… and Gymama Slaughter, "Storage stability of electrospun pure gelatin stabilized through EDC/Sulfo-NHS," Biopolymers, p.e23232, 2018.
Invited Review: Gymama Slaughter, "Current Advances in Biosensor Design and Fabrication," in Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry, eds R.A. Meyers, John Wiley: Chichester. June 14 2018.
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Tanmay Kulkarni and Gymama Slaughter, "Application of Semipermeable Membranes in Glucose Biosensing," Membranes, 6 (55), 1-20, Dec. 2016.
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Gymama Slaughter, Joshua Sunday and Brian Stevens, "Energy Conversion from Aluminum and Phosphate rich solution via ZnO Activation of Aluminum," Material Chemistry and Physics, 163, 245-252, 2015.

Books & Book Chapters

Slaughter, G. "Biomedical polymers: Improving the blood and tissue compatibility of implantable biomedical devices." In Implantable Bioelectronics - Devices, Materials, and Applications, Evgeny Katz, ed., Wiley-VCH, 2014.

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