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Strome College of Business

Student Stories: Sommer Alexander

The Strome College of Business is filled with different students on unique paths. Sommer Alexander is amongst the non-traditional students who have earned their degree through a different journey than most.

Alexander graduated with her first degree, a BA in English in 2010. While working full time at Old Dominion University, she spent the next eight years getting her second degree, a BSBA in accounting, at the Strome College of Business. Though her path was not short and simple, she had the support of Strome professors, friends, and her husband to help her journey.

"The coursework at Strome prepared me for professional life. My degree in accounting definitely helped to improve my analytical thinking skills and assists me in my professional life", says Alexander.

She appreciates the opportunities and resources that were offered to her throughout her time as a student. She notes that she received information about campus events, jobs, and internship opportunities daily. Although she appreciates the resources, she was not able to take advantage of them, due to personal life issues and a busy work schedule.

Sommer says, "A big regret I have is not taking greater advantage of the opportunities and resources available to me." Although her busy schedule was an obstacle in her learning process, she recognizes the number of Strome professors who made themselves available for her, even if it was outside their scheduled office hours. She also appreciates her support system that consists of her family, friends, and her husband.

"My husband was instrumental in my making it through the program." says Alexander. To her, her husband was a different type of supporter since they went through the same circumstances of working a full-time job and taking classes. Her husband understood what she was going through which she describes was a key factor to her success. Though her journey was long, her husband consistently reminded her that taking her time was ok.

Currently, Sommer is still involved with Old Dominion University and works as an Undergrad Curriculum Coordinator. She cites the university as a valuable resource and says they "gave her a chance" for her present job position, and she "could not ask for a better experience." She started in the Register's Office in 2010, processing transcripts before being promoted to her current position as Undergraduate Curriculum Coordinator in 2018.

Although Alexander attended Old Dominion University as a non-traditional student, the Strome College of Business still aided her with the resources and support she needed to succeed and become the professional she is today.

Sommer's advice to future students is to, "Take advantage of the resources and opportunities the university offers ... even if you have to flex your schedule to make it happen. Taking the time to be present and invest in yourself can make a huge difference in school and beyond."

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