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Strome College of Business

Student Stories: Glory Johnson

Being a student athlete at Old Dominion University has taught me so many valuable life lessons, and it has been no different during this time of uncertainty in our world. Finding out our lacrosse season was canceled, and that our whole campus was going to remote learning all in one day was one of the saddest days of my life thus far. Being a senior, I have felt all of the emotions of possibly not walking at graduation, not getting to thank my professors face-to-face, and not being with my incredible teammates on the field one last time. However, this university has shown me yet again how amazing the staff is and how much they truly care about supporting their students. A special thanks to the marketing department in the Strome College of Business for accommodating all of us, while still making sure we are learning valuable skills for the working world. Another huge thank you to my coaches, academic advising staff, and Dr. Wood Selig for keeping in contact and making sure we are still having a meaningful experience as a college athlete. Remember Monarchs, "In the darkness there is always light. In the light there is always hope. In hope there is always love."

- Glory Johnson

ODU Women's Lacrosse | Class of 2020 | Marketing Major

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