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School of Public ServiceMPA Curriculum

The MPA curriculum consists of 39 credit hours (13 courses). Courses are required in two categories:

Core Curriculum (eight required courses) as of Fall 2021:

  1. PADM 651 Administrative Theory I: The Context of Public Administration
  2. PADM 671 Public Budgeting and Financial Management
  3. PADM 701 Public Policy Analysis and Evaluation
  4. PADM 723 Ethical Foundations of Public Administration
  5. PADM 736 Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: A Public Administration and Public Policy Perspective
  6. PADM 753 Research Methods for Public Administration
  7. Data Management & Analysis (fulfilled by PADM 752, FOUN 722, or MPHO 605)
  8. PADM 746 Capstone Seminar in Public Administration

Electives (five courses): Students may choose to take elective courses in a number of different topic areas related to Public Administration. With the approval of the Graduate Program Director, graduate-level electives can be selected from other departments such as Business, Economics, Political Science, Public Health, Women's Studies, etc. Students can also choose to complete a formal Concentration or Graduate Certificate alongside their MPA degree, which can be used to fulfill the elective course credits.

Note: Students admitted for Summer 2021 and earlier would be required to take PADM 652 Administrative Theory II instead of PADM 736. However, those students may substitute 736 for 652 or take it as an elective.

Recommended Course Sequence

Students are advised to enroll in Administrative Theory I: The Context of Public Administration (PADM 651) as early as possible in their program of study. The remaining core courses are not required to be taken in a specific order; however, the Capstone Seminar (PADM 746) must be taken after the other core courses have been completed (or in the same semester as the last of the core courses are being completed). Students should note that core courses are intermittently offered during the summer term and should plan accordingly.

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