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B.S.B.A. Real Estate

Real estate plays a central role in the economic and social fabric of communities. Understanding its pivotal role - from deciding what will be development, and how it will be financed, sold, leased and managed - is highly valuable, irrespective of the specific real estate career path pursued. The Real Estate Major at ODU prepares you for a wide array of career paths and provides coverage of the various real estate sectors.

The program provides students with the analytical and critical thinking skills required by the numerous public and private sector organizations involved in the real estate industry. The program will help prepare students to:

Understand the roles and processes involved in the real estate market and the steps involved during real estate transactions.

Apply a range of analytical techniques to applied situations in real estate development, market analysis, finance and investment.

Be able to communicate technical and complex material in an effective manner, in a professional real estate environment.

Practice according to the professional, ethical and legal standards expected in the industry.


The Real Estate Major consists of the following requirements, which totals 33 hours:

Six Core Courses + 2 Designated Major Electives + 1 Free Elective

+ 1 200-400 level business elective + 1 300-400 level business elective

The core course are:

  • REST 319 Principles in Real Estate
  • REST 450 Real Estate Finance
  • REST 451 Real Estate Appraisal
  • REST 454 Real Estate Investment Analysis
  • REST 495 Selected Topics in Real Estate
  • FIN 435 International Financial Management

The Major Electives, of which two must be selected, currently include:

  • FIN 367 Cooperative Education
  • FIN 431 Investments
  • FIN 432 Intermediate Financial Management
  • FIN 434 Management of Financial Institutions
  • FIN 441 Student Managed Investment Fund
  • FIN 497 Selected Topics in Finance
  • REST 368 Real Estate Internship
  • RMI 317 Principles of Risk Management & Insurance
  • RMI 412 Property & Liability Insurance Company Operations
  • ECON 445w Urban Economics
  • MKTG 404 Sales Management
  • MKTG 407 Marketing Research
  • MKTG 316 Professional Selling
  • MGMT 330 Organizational Behavior
  • CET 325 Land Development
  • CET 440 Contract Development
  • CET 445 Construction Planning & Scheduling
  • CET 460 Construction Cost Estimating
  • CET 465 Construction Project Management

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