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What is Business Analytics?

The Business Analytics major is a unique major that integrates a functional area of business with computer expertise. It is a major that develops skills in the use of the computer as a decision-making tool and provides expertise in a business field in which these skills can be applied. The modern business employer is looking for graduates who have more than just a degree in a particular functional area. They are looking for students who have multiple skills which allow them to serve their company in many ways. Business Analytics provides the training needed to develop those skills.

What careers are available in Business Analytics?

Now, more than ever before, the success of organizations depends on high quality decisions and short response times. Managers who can make good decisions quickly are in high demand. Those majoring in Business Analytics will be managers in their selected area (Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing or Operations Management). Their role, however, will be enhanced by their ability to use decision models and computers to generate information for making critical business decisions. In addition to the traditional jobs available to graduates majoring in these areas, Business Analytics graduates may fill Decision Support positions. In these positions, they provide information to higher management in a decision support role. Graduates from this program are especially attractive to employers because of their multiple skills.

What will I study?

Students majoring in Business Analytics study several different components of business administration. First, they will achieve a broad understanding of all areas of business. This is accomplished through several "core" courses that expose students to a broad perspective of the business functions. Second, they will gain specialization in their primary area of interest (Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing or Operations Management). The role of this component is to highlight the elements of a function and its significance in an organization. Third, most students will acquire the expertise to generate information which is used in making important business decisions. This component includes courses in Decision Support and Modeling. It enables students to properly use decision models and computers to provide information for decision-making.

This combination produces well-rounded graduates who can make quick, highly informed decisions. They are prepared to succeed in today's highly competitive business environment. They will be unique and valuable employees.

What educational opportunities are available outside the classroom?

This major is very adaptable to the new Old Dominion University Career Advantage Program (CAP). The CAP program guarantees a practicum experience to all Old Dominion University students. Through this program you can gain valuable experience in applying your knowledge and, at the same time, receive credit for it.

Old Dominion University has numerous computer labs that are used by students to gain the computer experience and skills needed to be successful in their particular area of expertise. The labs are staffed by experienced personnel who are available to assist students in their learning pursuits. These are state-of-the-art laboratories that enable students to learn computer and decision support skills.

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