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Strome College of Business

Strome College of BusinessDepartments

Business and financial background

Economics is the study of how societies use thier limited resources to produce wealth, and how the distribution of the wealth among their members is determined. This very broad field covers topics ranging from the causes of inflation and unemployment to the behavior of individual households and businesses understand how economic events will affect them, how they can best react to these events, and howto assess government economic policies.

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Businessman investment consultant analyzing company annual financial report balance statement working with documents graphics. Concept picture of economy,project, market, office,money and tax.

The Finance Department at Old Dominion University has earned a national reputation for its contributions to practice through teaching excellence and professional leadership.The Finance Department offers a total of four majors. Students graduating with any of these degrees will have the general knowledge and understanding of investments and financial management as well as a strong introduction into the field of his/her choice.

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Professional Executive business team brainstorming on meeting to planning investment project working and strategy of business making conversation with partner and consultation of collaboration

If you ask business owners or upper-level executives what are the critical challenges they face in performing their jobs, they are likely to answer: people, technological change, globalization, uncertainty, and regulation. The Department of Management includes faculty with research and teaching interests that deal with all of the above issues!

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Teamwork concept Young creative coworkers working with new startup project in modern office Business.

From building iconic brands to understanding why people buy what they buy, marketing is the exciting interface between companies and their customers and other stakeholders. It builds valuable relationships for companies and makes them more competitive in the marketplace. A career in marketing is often considered one of the best training grounds to rise to the top level of corporations.

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The Harvey Lindsay School of Real Estate is a rigorous and enterprising center for real estate education, collaborating with key industries in Hampton Roads and beyond to give students real-world business experiences through internships, project and case analyses.

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Data Mining

The Department of Information Technology and Decision Sciences is the largest academic department in the Strome College of Business. It is comprised of three separate, yet interrelated, academic disciplines - Business Analytics, Information Technology, and Maritime & Supply Chain Management. The department offers programs at the bachelor, master, and PhD levels.

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Investment Opportunities

One of the fastest growing areas of interest within the College of Business and Public Administration is the major in International Business. The business arena in which the College's graduates will be working is no longer local, regional or national in nature. it is global and requires and understanding of, and sensitivity to, different cultures and business environments.

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Trading Room Classroom

ODU's Master of Business Administration program has been revised with a shorter curriculum, is available online or on-campus, and offers unique specialty options.

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Financial accounting

The Strome College of Business' School of Accountancy is conveniently located for anyone living in the Hampton Roads area and is fairly affordable. Our accounting program attracts students transitioning from the military, all races, foreign undergraduates from a variety of countries, about an equal number of men and women, as well as both older and traditionally aged college students.

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Businessman stamping with approved stamp on document at meeting.

The School of Public Service at Old Dominion University supports the citizens of the region, state, and nation by providing excellence in educational programs, creating cutting edge knowledge, and disseminating the collective knowledge of SPS faculty and students to enhance the quality of life of our fellow citizens.

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