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Strome College of Business

Our People | Collaboratory for Customer Analytics and Strategy

Dr. Yuping Liu-Thompkins

Director, Collaboratory for Customer Analytics and Strategy
Professor of Marketing

Dr. Yuping Liu-Thompkins is an expert on customer loyalty in both online and offline contexts. She specializes in turning customer data into useful customer insights and actionable customer management and marketing strategies. Her current work is focused on identifying the true drivers of customer loyalty using customer data and designing appropriate marketing strategies based on what drives a particular customer. Through collaboration with national and international companies ranging from travel, retail, to financial industries, Dr. Liu-Thompkins has studied extensively the design and effectiveness of loyalty program as a tool for customer retention, cross-selling, and customer growth. With a personal passion for technology, Dr. Liu-Thompkins is also known for her expertise in digital marketing,especially the use of social media for branding and customer engagement purposes.

Mr. Steve Schultz

Executive Director, Collaboratory for Customer Analytics and Strategy
Lecturer of Marketing

Mr. Steve Schultz has 25+ years of proven track record in the marketing and sales fields. He is a result-driven business development, sales and marketing professional with a proven record of success in building businesses. Excellent at identifying opportunities and developing strategies to achieve outstanding outcomes, Mr. Schultz is Able to analyze complex business opportunities and organize for exceptional and profitable growth.

Affiliated Researchers

Dr. Norah Xu

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Dr. Norah Xu's research focuses on obtaining customer intelligence in a data-rich environment. Her research projects have explored a series of problems on how managers can use rich observations collected through customer relationship management systems to uncover the dynamics that guide customers' behaviors, such as life changes and major market events. Through a problem-oriented research approach, Dr. Xu has deployed diverse technical tools to study marketing and sales management in the financial and radio broadcasting industries.

Dr. Chuanyi Tang

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Dr. Chuanyi Tang specializes in retail and services marketing. Particularly, he conducts research on customer relationship management and front-line employee management in retail and service industries. He has been working with couple of financial service companies and retailers on improving customer engagement and employee commitment. Dr. Tang's second area of expertise is on social media. Specifically, he conducts text analysis on social media and examines the effectiveness and market impact of social media. The third area of his expertise is on marketing research. He is acquainted with various types of marketing research methods and familiar with different statistical skills. He has served as a data analysis consultant for a couple of large-scale research projects.

Dr. Aaron Arndt

Associate Professor of Marketing

Dr. Aaron Arndt's research interests and practical experience are in personal selling and sales management, particularly in a retail setting. He has done several projects about how customers stereotype salespeople and customer service employees. He has also looked at commission and reward systems for salespeople and customer service employees. Although he is comfortable working in a range of retail contexts, previous industry contexts have included car dealerships, retail musical instrument stores, banking, mortgage lending, and real estate sales.

Dr. John Ford

Professor of Marketing

Dr. John B. Ford specializes in the areas of sex role portrayals in international advertising, consumer reaction to advertising exposure, cross-cultural marketing research issues, and non-profit donor behavior. He has presented seminars in many different countries on global advertising strategy, cultural mistakes and how to correct them, sensitivity to different cultures in the workplace, and what makes people give to charitable organizations. His industry experience before completing his Ph.D. was in management consulting (mergers and acquisitions), executive recruiting, international sales management, bank investment officer, and stock brokerage sales and municipal bond market analysis. He is the Director of the Ph.D. program in Business Administration for the Strome College of Business. He is presently serving as the Executive Editor (North America) for the Journal of Advertising Research, and he is presently serving on the editorial review Boards for ten academic journals. Dr. Ford has published numerous articles in scholarly journals, is the author of two textbooks, Strategic Marketing: Creating Competitive Advantage, 2nd edition, 2010, Oxford University Press (co-authored with Douglas West and Essam Ibrahim) and Sales Management: A Global Perspective, 2003, Routledge Press (co-authored with Earl Honeycutt and Antonis Simintiras), and numerous book chapters.

Dr. Mahesh Gopinath

Chair and Associate Professor of Marketing

Dr. Mahesh Gopinath is an expert in consumer psychology, trained at University of Michigan Ann Arbor. His research interests include a number of areas, with focus on consumer psychology. He has worked on many papers that studies experiences of consumer emotions and its consequences. Other areas of work include effect of multiple languages on product boxes, acculturation and persuasion. He has been involved in a project for demand estimation of the monorail at Old Dominion University. He is also an expert in quantitative methods used for behavioral sciences.

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