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I am a freshman. What do I do first? Who do I see?

All entering freshmen are required to attend a PREVIEW orientation prior to starting at ODU. For students starting in Fall semester, this would be in June or July. For those starting in Spring, this would be in December. For those starting in Summer, this would be in April. For more information, visit PREVIEW.

Once on campus as an enrolled student, freshmen will meet with an advisor in the SCB Undergraduate Advising Office in Constant Hall, Room 1011. More information on the assigned advisor is available at Locate an Advisor.

I am a transfer student. How do I get advised and registered?

ALL Transfer Students are required to attend PREVIEW prior to taking classes at ODU regardless of credits earned or age. Preview includes a presentation on the college, a chance to meet with an advisor, and an opportunity to register for upcoming courses. For students entering in Summer or Fall semesters, PREVIEW should be attended in April. For students starting in Spring, PREVIEW should be attended in December.

To register for Preview, please go to the Preview website.

What are the classes required for a degree in business?

The University Catalog outlines all requirements for the business majors and minors. Electronic copies of the Catalog are hosted online: www.odu.edu, click on A-Z Index, click on Catalogs. Students will notice that there are three main sections of importance to business majors/minors: the unviersity section (outlining the university general education requirements and institutional policies/procedures), the college section (outlining the BSBA Core classes, and SCB admissions and policies), and the departmental section (outlining the major and elective requirements).

DegreeWorks is a computer software hosted through the student's Leoonline account which takes the requirements of the Catalog and merges the requirements with the student's transcript showing what has been completed and what is still remaining. Review these instructions on how to access DegreeWorks.

No matter what: "Students are held individually responsible for the information contained in the University Catalog. Failure to read and comply with University regulations will not exempt students from whatever penalties they may incur." - Table of Contents, University Catalog

I am a sophomore or junior. Who is my advisor?

A tricky question but it depends.

  • If this is your first semester at ODU, you will meet with the SCB Undergraduate Advising Office in Constant Hall, Room 1011.
  • If this is you are changing your major from a non-business major to a business major, you will meet with the SCB Undergraduate Advising Office in Constant Hall, Room 1011.
  • If your cumulative overall and/or CBK GPA is below a 2.0, you will meet with the SCB Undergraduate Advising Office in Constant Hall, Room 1011.
  • Once you have met with the SCB Undergraduate Advising Office for one of the above reasons and your GPA remains above a 2.0, then you will meet with a faculty advisor.

If you are unsure, you can always email BusinessAdvising@odu.edu and we will be glad to help you figure out who you need to meet within the Strome College of Business.

I am a Distance Learning or Teletechnet student. I have some questions.

Distance Learning or Teletechnet students, although business students, would usually start with their local site advisor/director in order to get their questions answered and issues resolved. In many cases, the site advisor/director would have the answers or will follow up with the SCB Undergraduate Advising (SCB UGA) office. In addition to which, the SCB UGA will send a DL eval (i.e. interpretation by the SCB UGA of the student's progress to the site at least once a year unless requested more frequently by the site advisor/director). If there is a problem, the BusinessAdvising@odu.edu email address is available but we encourage students to at least CC their site advisor/director on such emails to make sure all are aware of the conversation at hand. See Distance Learning Locations for more information.

I think the course transferred was granted credit differently than I think it should. How can I have it reevaluated?

Credits not transferring the way that the student expected are very common. This is due to several factors:

  1. The course comes in as an elective instead of as a particular required course. This often happens when a course is transferred from an institution that either ODU does not have a transfer relationship with or the course being transferred has never been transferred to ODU before.
  2. Another scenario may be that an error has been made from the admissions office.

If one of these situations does occur and you believe that you have had the particular requirement, start by emailing BusinessAdvising@odu.edu with a copy of the course description or syllabus from the other school and what you think it would be equivalent to at ODU. (A syllabus is always best but a course description is sufficient in many cases. However, please note that some departments do need the additional infomation that is contained in the syllabus.) The advising staff will help you navigate through the approval process. If it is considered equivalent, the advising staff will help you with Admissions notification and transcript updates. If it is not considered equivalent that you will need to take the course in question.

We strongly urge that if there are transfer credit contests, the process should be started immediately so that whether an approval or denial is known to the student very early on and can take the course, if denied.

I am a senior. How do I get ready for graduation?

As a senior, there are two appointments that we offer.

  1. Senior Audit - a pre-graduation audit meeting at least one year prior to your graduation date. In this meeting you will discuss the courses that you have taken, and the courses that you have remaining.
    • MAY candidates - At the latest, between 15 May - 15 June of the previous calendar year
    • AUG candidates - At the latest, between 5 Sept - 15 Oct of the previous calendar year
    • DEC candidates - At the latest, between 15 Jan - 15 Feb of that calendar year
  2. Departmental graduation paperwork - completed in the semester prior to the graduation date.
    • Your paperwork is processed to the bottom of the student's DegreeWorks.

It is important to reiterate: "Students are held individually responsible for the information contained in the University Catalog. Failure to read and comply with University regulations will not exempt students from whatever penalties they may incur." - Table of Contents, University Catalog

What services can I receive as a non-degree student?

Non-degree students are technically students who are passing through, such as attending another university and taking an ODU course while home for the Summer. Therefore, no advisors are assigned to non-degree seeking students. However, the SCB UGA office recognizes that some students use the non-degree seeking status to start classes with the later intention to transfer into ODU. Access to the Degree Works system noting the courses required for a program and how currently processed transfer credits can be applied to the degree are still available to non-degree seeking students. Non-degree students with additional questions are welcome to email BusinessAdvising@odu.edu for assistance.

Furthermore, it is encouraged that any student considering transferring into ODU and using non-degree status as a temporary stop should initiate a degree seeking application as soon as Admissions starts to accept for the semester in which degree seeking status is being sought. Preview attendance and advising are based on accepted degree-seeking students so the sooner an acceptance as degree-seeking, the better!

I've heard that an internship is a great idea but I have no idea where to start. What do I need to do to get one?

There is room for an internship in every single business major (and for MGMT or MKTG minors too)! Internships are handled through the Career Development side of our office. Whether you found an internship on your own or need help finding one, the CDS staff can help. Once you land an internship, the staff will continue to help you navigate through what your employer, faculty advisor, Registrar's Office, and CDS office will need to help you gain academic credit.

For an Internship appointment, schedule an appointment with the internship coordinator (careercoach@odu.edu; 757-683-6170). There is additional information on the CDS main website.

Can I walk in a semester different than when I'm graduating?

AUG candidates are the only students who are permitted to walk in a semester different than when they are completing the last class. Exceptions are only granted by the University Events office in rare circumstances (Commencement@odu.edu).

What do I need to do to become a 2nd degree student?

If a student is interested in receiving a Second Bachelors' Degree from ODU, we strongly recommend reading our document on the Second Degree process. It reviews how going for a second degree is like a first degree, how it is different, and some vocabulary used in the second degree process.

Who do I need to talk to to change my major?

If a student is interested in changing majors, several items need to be considered.

  • If changing majors from outside The College of Business into the College of Business - In this situation, you need to make an appointment with an advisor from the SCB Undergraduate Advising office in Constant Hall, Room 1011. In the appointment, the advisor can discuss information about the major and the CBPA admissions policy. You should notify your old department to request your files to be sent to our office. Prior to your appointment, you can request your major update by filling out this form.
    • You can request access to our listservs for our Freshmen and Sophomores/Juniors/Seniors online. Considering that emails are our primary vehicle for information dissemination in the College, it is imperative you make sure you get access.
  • If leaving the College of Business and Public Administration to pursue another major, we encourage students to first meet with an advisor from the other department. If after meeting with the new department, you decide that this is the major for you, please email BusinessAdvising@odu.edu with your UIN, your new department, and a brief summary that you are changing majors so that we can send your file to the new department.

I'm on probation/suspension. What am I supposed to do?

Probation/Suspension is a large subject to address. For ease in explanation, please visit Academic Continuance website for more information. For advising questions after reviewing the Continuance website, email BusinessAdvising@odu.edu.

I want to take a class at another school. How will I know if it will transfer?

For students who wish to take an ODU equivalent course at another institution, please visit the Monarch TRANSFERmation web page for courses that have already transferred. If the course and school is not located there, you will need to visit the ODU department that they wish to take a class in, provide a course description for the course and inquire as to its equivalency at ODU.

When the course has been completed with a C or better, you need to request that the course transcript be sent to the Admissions office for evaluation (TransferEval@odu.edu).

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