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Strome College of Business

Degree Plan

Degree Plans are MANDATORY for all Business majors

  • All business students must have a completed degree plan in Degree Works under the planner tab and have it vetted by the SCB Undergraduate Advising Office.
  • Advisor holds will be removed on the basis of a vetted degree plan for up to 6 years on a case by case basis.

Saving a plan in the Degree Works system does not automatically notify the SCB Undergraduate Advising Office that a plan is in the system. Students need to use the request form below to notify the office and request the degree plan review. All email inquiries as to an advisor plan review will be directed to that form. The review process can take a while so starting early is ideal to ensure that a hold is removed prior to registration.

  • Students with less than a 2.3 overall and/or BSBA Core GPA may still be required to come in for an advising appointment but still need to have a completed degree plan.
  • Students who have been admitted to the University but have not started taking classes will still be required to come in for advising in their first semester at ODU as a transfer student or first year as a freshman.

Important information about Degree Plans

  1. Come up with your own degree plan tailored to your desires/needs. Use the information in the slide show as well as the University Catalog, cycle lists, degree evaluations, etc. You do not need to submit a plan that includes the past registrations, only from this semester forward. It should be a semester by semester detailed plan through to graduation. Make sure you have accounted for the following: a. You have included ALL courses that will fulfill your degree requirements. b. Pre-requisite courses to your planned courses.
  2. Submit your plan. You will hear back either way once it has been reviewed whether it was good from the start or needs some modifications.

What you can expect from your advisor

  1. The SCB Undergraduate Advising will receive your proposed plan only if you submit your plan as instructed in the slideshow: filling out the form at the link "Request for SCB UGA Staff to Review Degree Plan Proposal"
  2. Your plan will be sent to a series of advisors for further vetting.
  3. The advisor will either send you feedback or suggested edits to make to your plan, or send notification that your advisor hold as been removed accordingly.

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